Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1496

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Chapter 1496

This moment!

Elvira’s family is also extremely uneasy.

After hearing that Zhu Ru and others were involved in Lin Chentao’s relationship, their expressions changed drastically, and they heard that Lin Chentao was about to reach a cooperation with Shaun Lin.

They are so scared that their legs are weak!

If there is no forest seat, then Lin Chentao kills them as easy as pinching an ant.

“What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you kneel down?”

Zhu Zhide also roared fiercely:

“You should kneel in front of us!”

However, this is more than that!

Zhu Ru Victim, extremely vicious and said:

“! Can not just kneel down, pumping his white have a few ears in Iraq, said she even gave me Zhu Ru shoes do not deserve,”

she let Iraq know that white, white Iraq In her eyes, shit is not!

White Iraq directly give in tears, facing Ru Zhu shouted:

“? Zhu Ru, me and you no injustice Wu Chou, never offend you, Why do you do this to me,”

Even in the last release At the meeting, Zhu Ru directly gave her a coffin, and she forgave her with all her heart, just thinking that they were a family.

But why does Zhu Ru have such a deep hatred for her, as if he would not stop without stepping on her feet.

Even if she forgave Zhu Ru once, Zhu Ru was still ungrateful and never changed. Every time she found an opportunity, she would trample her severely.

Hear the words!

The look on Zhu Ru’s face became more and more smug, and he smiled grimly:

“Why? I like it! I’m happy! Can’t it?”

“I just can’t understand your high-profile appearance. If you want to step on your feet, what can you do with me?”

Elvira used to be an idiot married to a rubbish, so she always looked down upon Bai. Yi, also enjoys the pleasure of humiliating her every time.

But in just half a year, Elvira seemed to be favored by the goddess of luck. Why is Elvira coming from a small family woman, so lucky, she is also the president of the company, and also the leader of the south of the Yangtze River, even Shaun Lin liked her very much.

After all, she is jealous!

Paula wiped her tears and said extremely aggrieved:

“Forget Elvira, let’s kneel down!” It’s

better to do more than less. She just hopes that her family can be well, and if it is insulted, it will be insulted.

Lin Chentao can’t afford to offend such an existence.

Elvira was unwilling, but knew that there was no choice at this time, and he was ready to kneel down in shame.

However, the next scene completely shocked everyone present!


At the moment when Zhu Ru was triumphant, her other face was slapped severely at this moment, and the whole person suddenly slumped down on the ground, and a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of her mouth. .

The whole face was swollen like a pig’s head in an instant.

Zhu Ru was stunned on the spot, as if she couldn’t believe that someone dared to beat her at this time.

And the person who shot turned out to be Shaun Lin!

In an instant, everyone was going to blow up their hair!

All of them stared at Shaun Lin inconceivably, as if he couldn’t believe that he was so bold as a trash.

Now Zhu Ru’s family is Lin Chentao’s guest. If you dare to beat her, isn’t it a courtesy of death?


Fan , don’t!” “Shaun Lin, don’t mess around!” The

Elvira family panicked, and quickly scolded Shaun Lin.


After the reaction, Zhu Ru was completely mad, and snarled at Shaun Lin:

“Battle seed! Lin family’s bastard! After the Legion War, I must let the younger brother kill you!”

“I want you to die! “The

voice is full of resentment and hatred!

In a word, Elvira’s face was completely pale!

At this time, Shaun Lin had a cold face:

“You don’t have to wait for the Legion War. Our family will participate in the Legion War. I just hope that when the time comes, your Zhu family will not regret what you have done today!”

“Because …Lin Chentao’s guest is my Shaun Lin’s prisoner!”

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