Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1499

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Chapter 1499

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The man who was once hailed as the nightmare of the four big families, has returned?

Elvira was terrified, and quickly asked:

“Is what you said is true? That great demon Ning Changkong really came back?”

The few people glanced at her, and then said:

“Can this be false? This week, Ning Changkong has killed no less than a hundred people in Jiangbei. This time he is about to level the northern and southern provinces! “


Elvira’s face was completely ashes, as if he had lost his soul, and fell to the ground feebly.

It’s over, this one is over!

Ning Changkong hated their Bai family deeply, and now the promotion to Grand Master would never let them go.

Who else can save them now?

“Wait, she seems to be Elvira from the Bai family!” At

this time, a big man recognized them.

Then, a group of big guys walked away like a snake and scorpion.

Because they knew that now Ning Changkong was about to uproot the four big families, whoever got involved with them at this time might be implicated.

Now Ning Changkong is no longer what it used to be. No one can disobey him, and even in the future, he may become the sole ruler of Jiangnan and Jiangbei.

Just listen to this!

Zhu Ru’s family laughed more loudly, and they ridiculed:

“Elvira, you are called the house leak and it rains overnight, unfortunately!”

“Young Master Lin wants to deal with you, and Ning Changkong wants to kill you, you guys. Is the family broom star reincarnated?”

“Haha, in my opinion, they have done a lot of bad things, have they been punished?”


At this time, Shaun Lin stood up and smiled:

“My wife, don’t worry! I have already heard that this time Jiangnan Jiangbei invited Lin Zongshi to deal with Ning Changkong, I believe nothing will happen!”

Lin Zongshi?

Everyone was stunned, naturally they were extremely familiar with this thunderous name.

It is also known that this Master Lin is very powerful and mysterious, everyone only knows his surname Lin, even men and women do not know.

The two provinces actually asked him to deal with Ning Changkong? real or fake?

However, before Elvira could speak, Zhu Ru sneered:

“Don’t dream, that Ning Changkong is a magnificent Grand Master, and his strength is among the great masters! It’s because of that shit Grand Master Lin. To deal with him, I think it is to die!”

“Hey, Xiao Ru, don’t say that! Anyway, Master Lin is a hero, and Young Master Lin is also a dragon and phoenix…”

And Zhu Zhide also looked disdainfully. Xiang Shaun Lin sneered and said,

“Only this Shaun Lin is a complete trash! Still a daydreaming trash!”

At this time!

Xu Longxiang brought Kou Jianghuai and others into the arena!

And when they entered the venue, they saw Shaun Lin, and immediately subconsciously paid homage to Shaun Lin, with boundless reverence in their eyes.

After this month of special training, their strength has doubled.

Therefore, at this time they are all respecting Shaun Lin as God!


Shaun Lin quickly stopped their behavior with a glance. He didn’t want to expose his identity now, because he had to frighten Elvira and the others.

Kou Jianghuai and the others immediately recovered, and then resisted the impulse, pretending not to know Shaun Lin, and walked towards the ring step by step.

But this subtle move still couldn’t escape Elvira’s gaze.

“Shaun Lin, why did they look at you just now?”

Elvira stared at Shaun Lin sharply.

“Is there?”

Shaun Lin quickly pretended to be stupid, and said;

“Is it your illusion? I don’t even know them!”


Shaun Lin overlooked one point. Elvira had seen him and Xu Longxiang in contact with them a long time ago, so he naturally knew that Shaun Lin was lying at this time.

But at this time, she still didn’t say anything, just became more sure of her guess that Shaun Lin was hiding something from her.

And she must figure out what is going on!

At this time, Xu Longxiang asked Kou Jianghuai and the others:

“Do you have any confidence in this legion battle?” As

soon as the voice fell, Kou Jianghuai, Solanum and others all laughed.

“A month ago, we dare not say that we are confident! Now, we are at least 80% sure!”

They deeply felt that what they learned from Shaun Lin this month is more diligent than they have been practicing for ten years. To be even more benefited.

“Very good!”

Xu Longxiang smiled with satisfaction, and at the same time solemnly reminded:

“Although you are the fighters of my Longya, you are even the apprentice of Mr. Lin, don’t lose his face! “

As long as you win this competition, I will tell you his true identity!”


Hearing that, all the generals suddenly showed ecstasy, and they had asked about Shaun Lin’s identity more than a hundred times.

But every time Xu Longxiang is tight-lipped!

This just aroused their curiosity more and more, wanting to know who Shaun Lin really is.

But now, how can you not get excited when you hear this?

On the side, Solanum and Kou Jianghuai, who had long known Shaun Lin’s identity, also laughed playfully.

Seeing all these warlords’ eyes glowing, as if seeing a peerless beauty, Xu Longxiang smiled slightly:

“After you know his identity, you will know how much it is to be able to receive his special training. An honor!

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