Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1524

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Chapter 1524


Hearing this, Bai Yi’s family was taken aback for a moment, and then their complexion suddenly became difficult to look.

At this time, they all realized that the group of people in front of them was a group.

One hundred and three hundred thousand was already too much, but now it has increased tenfold?

A few bottles of wine cost more than ten million. What wine is so expensive?


Li Xijun laughed on the spot, gleefully, staring at Bai Yi and the others playfully:

“Isn’t it all right to pay 1.3 million just now? Now I’m dumbfounded. It turned ten times in a blink of an eye. I see what you dead and poor ghosts can do for you!”

And the waiter clamored triumphantly:

“How about it, do you use it?” I called our boss to you too?”
Hear the words!

Bai Yi was trembling with anger suddenly, and yelled angrily:

“You, you are shameless!”


Du Yue coldly snorted and stared at Bai Yi maliciously:

“Stop talking nonsense! Get the money quickly, or I will let you go around!”
The triumphant appearance, as if to eat the Baiyi family.

And now!

Lin Fan’s anger has reached the brink of being beyond control, he smiled sadly:

“These wines, are you sure you want 13 million?”
At this time, he intends to give these people one last chance.

Because just now, he has sent text messages to inform certain people that this farce will soon come to an end.

However, Du Yue did not take Lin Fan’s warning seriously.

Still arrogantly said,

“Yes, thirteen million, I will break your legs if you lose a penny!”

“Dog Things, dare to stray wildly in the land of the male master, I think you are looking for death!”

Male master?

Upon hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed.

Xiongye is the famous eldest brother in Jiangshi. There are hundreds of brothers under his hand. This is a local snake near here.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that this hotel was actually a grandfather?

Everyone immediately cast sympathetic glances at Lin Fan’s family and dared to spread wildly on the land of Lord Long. If this family survived, it would be the ancestors who burned incense.

The best result is missing arms and legs!


Li Xijun smiled maliciously, and said sinisterly:

“Bai Yi, is there no money? If you don’t have money, you will knock me a few beeps, maybe I’ll be a If I am happy, I will help you solve it directly!”

Bai Yi’s face was pale, and she was taken away by the other party in the past, and now she is so humiliated by her, how could she kneel and kowtow?

“Okay! I’ll give it to you!”

Lin Fan smiled slightly, then turned to look at Bai Yi:

“Wife, you go out first Leave it to me here!”


Bai Yi suddenly had an expression of seeing a ghost, and asked in astonishment:

“Lin Fan, do you know what you are talking about?”

Give it to Lin Fan?

Lin Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, what can he do?

Not to mention her, even Li Xijun and others have a look of contempt, as if they heard a big joke.

And now!

Lin Fan still smiled calmly:

“You can rest assured, the mountain people have their own tricks, I will naturally have a solution.”

Bai Yi took a deep look at Lin Fan, and then suddenly his eyes lit up.

At this time, she thought that Lin Fan had deliberately let her go first, and then went to find a helper. After all, it was no way for them to be surrounded here.

“Parents, let’s go first!”

Bai Yi no longer hesitated, and hurriedly pulled the Baishan couple away.

As soon as they left, Du Yue sneered:

“Boy, don’t let them go out and call the police. To tell you the truth, I’m not afraid at all. !”

With the background of Lord Xiong, even if Bai Yi and the others really called the police, they would stay in the bureau for one night at most.

But after they came out, Lin Fan’s family had to suffer.

At this time, Lin Fan turned around and asked with a smile:

“13 million, right?”


At this time, Du Yue and others were stunned. Could this guy come true with more than ten million?

Thinking of this, Du Yue was so happy and crazy, he was tied to the God of Fortune.

He didn’t expect to help Li Xijun once, and get more than 10 million remuneration. This is a combination of wealth and color.

At the moment, he said in a hurry:

“Yes, 13 million, hurry up, or break your legs!”
However, this time!
They saw Lin Fan smile, and then spread their hands at them:

“Okay, 13 million, get it!”

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