Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1527

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Chapter 1527


Following Lin Fan’s words, the atmosphere of the audience burst completely.

It’s Lin Fan!

It’s really Lin Fan!

Everyone present could hardly believe their ears. At this time, they all looked at Lin Fan with the eyes of a ghost.
Was scared, really scared completely!

This guy is capable of directly using Long Jiu’s power?

“Impossible! It is impossible! You are obviously a door-to-door son-in-law, how can you be qualified to know Long Jiu?”

Du Yue was also scared stupid, this guy is not eating Ruanfan’s little white face?

How can a little white face know the existence of Long Jiu?

There was a deep fear in his voice, and at this time he realized that he had caused a catastrophe.

It’s not just him!

Even after Li Xijun heard this, she was dumbfounded on the spot, unable to believe her eyes.

Lin Fan’s background is even more terrifying than that male master?

Isn’t she dreaming?

A feeling of uneasiness swept through her heart instantly, making Li Xijun feel endless fear at this time.

“Asshole stuff! See you doing a good job!”

Zhou Chuxiong again angrily slapped Du Yue, it looked like he was going to eat people. .

Immediately afterwards, he walked towards Lin Fan with a face of ashes, and then knelt in front of Lin Fan with a thud.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Lin?”

At this time, his black boss didn’t even have the courage to look at Lin Fan directly, so he could let Long Jiu use his private power. The man in front of him is afraid that his hands and eyes can reach the sky.

Lin Fan chuckled, then looked at the hotel with interest:
“If you come here later, it is estimated that your hotel can be closed.”


When Zhou Chuxiong heard this, his whole body trembled fiercely, and his face was suddenly full of horror.

Boom boom boom!

Then, he banged his head a few times to Lin Fan in a hurry, and he was almost scared to pee.

This five-star hotel is his painstaking effort. He has invested more than one billion yuan. This is already his entire family property. If it is closed at this time, he will have to go bankrupt!

“Mr. Lin, please forgive me! I beg Mr. Lin for my life!”

The stern and desperate cry of pleading resounded!

And seeing this scene, Du Yue and Li Xijun both felt as if they had been electrocuted, their statures were shaky, and they almost collapsed to the ground in terror.

It’s him!

It turned out to be him!

All of them underestimated Lin Fan, never dreaming that this waste would have such an ability.

“Master Xiong, right? Your subordinates used OEM wine to shoddy me 13 million, beat my old husband, and even threatened me to interrupt me if I didn’t pay. Legs, what do you think should be dealt with?”

Lin Fan asked with a smile.


Zhou Chuxiong’s scalp suddenly numb, and he almost urinates.

At this time, he finally realized how much Du Yue was looking for death!

Blackmailed the existence of thirteen million, and beat his old man, no wonder Long Jiu was so crazy!

It’s him, he is afraid he can’t wait to break Du Yue’s body into pieces!

Right now, his face sank, and he said very flatteringly,

“Everything is at the disposal of Mr. Lin, I have no opinion!”


Upon hearing this, Du Yue knew that he had been abandoned, but how could he even be able to provoke an existence that even their boss could not provoke?

“My lord is forgiving! It’s none of my business, it’s Li Xijun! It’s the bitch who instigated me!”

Du Yue was going crazy, and he couldn’t wait to kill Li Xijun in his heart. It’s a piece of shredded corpse.


Even Xiongye has to kneel down to please a man, do you say it’s rubbish?


He only turned his head, but there was Li Xijun’s figure on the scene. It turned out that this woman saw that something was wrong just now, so she took advantage of everyone’s carelessness and went straight away.


Du Yue completely exploded his hair, and the initiator ran away, so at this time Lin Fan would definitely blame all the blame on him.

That’s it!

He is completely over!

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