Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1532

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Chapter 1532

Jiangnan, the most powerful woman? The label

Was so violent for Li Xijun that it frightened her stupidly on the spot.
This woman, who has stayed in this shabby place in Jiangshi for a few years, has not become an ordinary person, but now she is still far above her status?

The most powerful person in the province!

Such ultimate dreams, Li Xijun can’t even think about it!

At this moment, she felt that the souls were all going to die, and she was about to urinate.

Thinking of her previous humiliation to Elvira, she felt that a chill rushed to the sky, making her scalp numb.

“Miss Elvira, do you know her?”

At this time, Mayweather can see the clue no matter how stupid it is.

Before Elvira could speak, Shaun Lin took the lead to sneer:

“Of course, you know, your good employee, who snatched my wife’s paper back then, and took the test. I went to Harvard University.”

“Not long after I returned to China, I used everything she snatched from my wife to show off in front of my wife. I guess her thick-skinned can block bullets. Right?”


In an instant, Mayweather’s expression turned gloomy!

This bitch did such an unforgivable thing to the queen?

At this time, Li Xijun also felt that his brain was about to explode!

The cold sweat is like an open faucet, rushing continuously!

Today’s Elvira, where can she offend?

But she dared to show off in front of Elvira?

Li Xijun is both frightened and ashamed. In Elvira’s eyes now, his achievement is probably like a joke, but she is still complacent?

I’m afraid that her previous performance was in Elvira’s eyes, just like the jumping clown, right?

“Mr. Mayweather, this employee of your company, I think the character is not very good, your company dare to recruit even such employees, this really makes us have to doubt your company Quality issues.”

Shaun Lin asked with a sneer.

Upon hearing this, Li Xijun’s face instantly turned pale as paper, and at this moment an ominous premonition suddenly appeared in her heart.

“Please rest assured! I didn’t know her nature before, but now that I know that she is a corrupt employee, we will not take it in!”

Mayweather He said with a cold face, why don’t you know what Shaun Lin meant?

Although he had heard of Li Xijun’s dishonesty, often confused with customers and the company’s senior management, and often suppressed his subordinates.

But considering that she has a lot of business for the group, Mayweather turned a blind eye.

But now he didn’t expect that this damn idiot would even dare to offend Elvira. This is nothing short of death!

And then!

Mayweather stared at Li Xijun coldly:

“Li Xijun, you dare to offend Miss Elvira, you will be fired from now on!”

“Not only will I be fired, I will also ban you from the entire industry! From now on, any world-renowned pharmaceutical company will never tolerate you as a shameless scum!” / Boom!

Hearing this, Li Xijun was immediately stunned, and she knelt down to Elvira with a thump!

“Elvira, I…”


Elvira waved her hand and said with a look of disgust:

“Don’t say sorry, because I won’t say it’s okay!”

“You Doing so many things to me without any guilt, do you think I will forgive you now?”

Elvira has never resented a person so much!

She never cared about what Li Xijun did, but her attitude after doing those things.

Even if it was a false apology, Elvira would not kill her.

Elvira is a kind person, kind to cats and dogs, let alone human.

But some people are worse than dogs!


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