Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1539

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Chapter 1539


At this moment, the expressions of Lin Biao and others changed drastically!

“Amazing murderous!”

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

After so many years on the battlefield, they have never felt such a strong murderous aura!

That kind of depression, like the top of Mount Tai, almost suffocated them!

This waste, how could he have such a terrifying murderous intent on his body?


Before they could react, the ground beneath Shaun Lin’s feet burst open in an instant.

Following Shaun Lin, it was like the arrow from the string, it shot out in an instant, and the eyes were already blood red, covered with horror blood.

At this time, he was like a furious beast, wishing to smash the dead enemy in front of him!


The person who hijacked Elvira was only momentarily different!

His head was slapped by Shaun Lin and flew out!

A blood mist exploded directly!

One-handed, spike!


After Lin Biao and the others saw this scene, they all almost freaked out.

A grandmaster was violently killed in an instant!

Slapped to death by Shaun Lin?

At this time, they all had an extremely ominous feeling in their hearts.

What kind of monster did they anger?

And even Elvira at this time was completely stunned!

She had never seen such a terrifying Shaun Lin, killing people was like slaughtering a chicken and a dog.

The violent breath exuding from her body made every pore in her body seem to be trembling crazily.

Shaun Lin now is like a demon!

It’s him!

This breath is so familiar!

The Master Lin who killed people on the ring before that was him!

Shaun Lin is Master Lin!

Elvira only felt that his brain was about to explode, his husband turned out to be the famous Master Lin?

Did you really guess wrong?

When the facts were confirmed, she still felt how incredible all this was, just like a dream.

A door-to-door son-in-law who was despised by everyone, a family cook who was considered to be useless, turned out to be the respected Master Lin?

Elvira only felt dizzy, and at this time she didn’t know how to react.

And Shaun Lin is also chaotic because of caring, so he doesn’t care about revealing his identity at this time. Now he has only one idea, and that is to make Lin Biao and others unhappy!


Lin Biao and others couldn’t even speak, and now they can only look at Shaun Lin with an extremely horrified look.

It seems that Shaun Lin today is a devil!

Da Da Da…

Immediately afterwards, Shaun Lin was approaching them, step by step, with the most terrifying murderous intent in his eyes.

“Since you don’t get out, then all die here!”

Shaun Lin let out a long roar, his fury was extreme!

Lin Biao and the others had scalp numbness. At this time, they were fully aware of the waste that was trampled on the soles of their feet in front of them.

He is already a terrifying master now!

Killing them is like slaughtering chickens and dogs!

Who could have imagined that the person who used to be the most wasteful person in the Lin seat has now become the most terrifying existence in the Lin family.

The Lin Family, this is a great enemy of life and death for himself!

Bang bang!

However, just when they were stunned, Shaun Lin had already gone violently, and directly beat the two masters to death with two punches.

There is no comparison between Grand Master and Grand Master!

There is only a dead end!

“Shaun Lin, who are you!”

Lin Biao also yelled in grief. At this time, he knew that he couldn’t escape, so he wouldn’t escape.

Shaun Lin grinned and rushed towards him:

“People you can’t afford to offend!

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