Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1550

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Chapter 1550

The mobile phone was directly in Shaun Lin’s hands and turned into pieces.

As for the Lin family, everyone was completely stunned after seeing Lin Tianxun’s death.


When they heard Shaun Lin’s brutal and cold-blooded declaration of death, they all seemed to have lost their souls.

For some reason, they had a feeling that Shaun Lin did what he said!

“You see, um… that Shaun Lin’s eyes?”

A Lin family said, wanting to call Shaun Lin waste, but the moment he thought of his eyes, he didn’t even have the courage to continue insulting.

But the other Lin family members were silent, with unnatural expressions.

Obviously they have seen it, and they have never seen such a terrible look in their eyes.

That kind of hatred to the extreme!

That kind of completely crazy killing intent!

It’s scary!

At this moment, even Lin Hongtu couldn’t help but have a kind of doubt. Could it be that they were really wrong back then?

Because of their stupidity and arrogance, they have established such a great enemy for the Lin family?

The three best young men in the Lin family were all brutally brutalized by the trash!

That’s it!

In order to cultivate the three brothers of Lin Tianxun, their Lin family spent a lot of time and energy before finally letting the three of them have the qualifications to inherit the Lin family’s business.

But now!


Is it possible for the Lin family to spend several decades to train an heir?


Lin Hongtu was completely furious, and smashed everything that he could see before him.

He can’t wait to kill someone at this time!

Three grandchildren!

All of them are dragons and phoenixes among people. This is a heyday that the Lin Family has never seen before. He originally thought that relying on these three brothers could push the Lin Family to a higher level again.

But now, everything is over!

It’s all dead!

And the one who killed them turned out to be their most despised trash, which made Lin Hongtu completely crazy.

“Kill! No matter what, I will kill that bastard! Whoever can kill him will be the future Patriarch of the Lin Family!”

Now, seeing the Lin Family’s hopeless rise, Lin Hongtu simply broke the pot. , As

soon as these words came out, all the Lin family’s eyes glowed green!

Can you become the next Patriarch by killing Shaun Lin?

Even if they know that Shaun Lin is terrible, but now they are still willing to try.

After all, there must be a brave man under the reward!


Lin Hongtu looked at Lin Zhanli with hatred:

“Your good son!” After

that, he suddenly furiously fluttered his sleeves and left angrily.

At this time, Lin Zhanli’s face was blue, and he gritted his teeth. Obviously, he also knew that Lin Hongtu was blaming him for not being able to blame his crotch. He gave birth to such a catastrophe and ruined the Lin family’s great future.

“Shaun Lin!!!”

Lin Zhan’an yelled in a low voice, he regretted why he threw that evil species to death when he was not born.


at this time!

Within the Bai family!

A group of uninvited guests came, and they were talking to the Baishan couple.

The Baishan couple looked embarrassed and didn’t know how to react.

“Old classmate, this is the red wine my son brought back from abroad

. It costs 100,000 yuan . Haven’t your family ever drunk such an expensive wine bar?” A woman said triumphantly. She was Paula’s former colleague Zhu Yuqing. I immigrated to a foreign country and only recently returned.

The reason why they were able to go abroad was that the Baishan family had spent manpower and material resources. As a result, they now had some stinky money, and their tails began to rise when they came back.

Now he was stinking in front of Baishan and the others, as if he wanted to let Baishan and the others know how rich they were.

Baishan was also shocked when he heard such expensive wine, and then he waved his hand quickly:

“Don’t don’t, we can’t accept such expensive wine, you should take it back.”

“Uncle Bai, this one hundred thousand wine is right. It’s expensive for you, but for me it’s nothing but money for a meal. It’s nothing.” On the

side, Zhu Yuqing’s son Lu Danqing also said triumphantly, his face covered with arrogance.

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