Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1572

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Chapter 1572

Hear the words!

The security personnel’s face suddenly sank, and respectfully said to Shaun Lin:

“Mr. Lin, do you want us to drive them away?”

“Or, do you want us to teach them a lesson and let them know if we were bought by you!”

Shaun Lin chuckled, but shook his head and said:

“No, since they don’t believe it, then I will convince them to lose!”

“Take me to Fuchun Mountain Residence!”


Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing didn’t care at all, instead they sneered and mocked:

“Pretend, continue to pretend!”

The dead mouse pretends to be hunting, but I want to see how you get in Fuchun Mountain Residence!”

Then, a group of people came to Fuchun Mountain Residence and was shocked by the first glance. Where is this villa?

This is the extra-large manor! Covers an area of at least one hundred acres, and the total area of the house has reached an extremely exaggerated 10,000 square meters!

The Baiyi family has been dumbfounded!

How can they believe that this house belongs to Shaun Lin?

Shaun Lin, how can you have such an ability?

And they don’t dare to hope that they can live in such a house for the rest of their lives!

That quaint ancient architectural style, you can see that it is expensive!

And even Lu Danqing has a deep envy on his face:

“It is rumored that this Fuchun Mountain Residence was the royal residence of the prince in ancient times. It was later acquired by the owner of Yulongwan and renovated and rebuilt. Being able to live here is a symbol of status!”

“This rich living in the Spring Mountain, the annual property fee alone is close to one million, which is not what ordinary people can live in!”

Upon hearing this, the Baiyi family became more tongue-in-cheek, and they felt that Shaun Lin was bragging. Up.

Elvira also frowned. Although Mayweather was more polite to them, he unexpectedly gave Shaun Lin a mansion worth more than seven billion yuan. How could this be possible?

“Shaun Lin, take us to see it soon, right?”

Zhu Yuqing urged the mess.

At this time, Bai Shan and Paula also sighed helplessly. At this time, they didn’t know what to do.

Shaun Lin is self-inflicted and cannot live!

“Forget it, my company has something to do! Shaun Lin, you send me back to the company!”

Elvira spoke at this time, and at the same time gave an order Tone.

Because I’m afraid that Shaun Lin will be dead again!


Shaun Lin didn’t pay attention to him at all, but took the lead in striding into the Fuchun mountain dwelling.

“Hahaha, don’t see the Yellow River, don’t give up!”

Zhu Yuqing smiled gleefully, thinking that Shaun Lin was irritated by his own agitation method.

At the moment, she looked at Paula unkindly:

“Yumei, you son-in-law is afraid that he will be finished. You have to know that the person who can buy this place must have a good background. Your son-in-law dared to pretend to be the owner. If you let him know, he can make your son-in-law move his lips. You die!”


At the moment her voice fell!

The manor was suddenly opened, and then a group of babysitters, housekeepers, drivers, and gardeners all walked out of the room, their faces full of respect and anxiety.

This battle stunned Elvira and the others. Let alone the number 30 or 40, right?

All are servants of this Fuchun Mountain Residence!


If you live here, wouldn’t someone help you wipe your ass even if you shit?

This is a real emperor’s enjoyment!

Then, these servants rushed to Shaun Lin at the fastest speed, and then bowed deeply to Shaun Lin under everyone’s almost crazy gaze:
“Mr. Lin, you are back!”


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