Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586

Black and white double evil spirits, that is an unsurpassable peak, and now this peak collapsed in front of her.

And, in an instant!

There is not even the slightest room for resistance!

At this time, she suddenly woke up. The man in front of her was really Master Lin, and he was also a terrifying great master.

Even the black and white evil spirits are in his hands, but they can’t do a single trick.

She regretted it.

“I regretted why I was so impulsive, and even came to this monster to settle the account, but now even the strongest black and white Shuangsha among them has failed miserably, what can she use to kill Lin Fan? “
The audience was shocked!

Looking at Lin Fan’s gaze again, everyone was panicked!


This is simply a god!

A great master who was only in his early twenties, and defeated the black and white Shuangsha with just one move, how terrifying is such a strength?

Especially the Mei family!

All are desperate at this time.

In their eyes, the black and white Shuangsha is an invincible existence. Even if Lin Fan is really Master Lin, under the black and white Shuangsha, there will only be a disastrous fate.

But who would have thought that Lin Fan directly injured the two of them when he shot, causing these two invincible existences to be defeated directly.
This scene is too shocking and terrifying for them!

They even suspect that Lin Fan is not a human at all!

Finally, Lin Fan spoke:

“You guys wounded my subordinates, right?”

At the same time, with a sharp look Staring at the black and white Shuangsha.

The two older brothers who were over half a hundred years old all trembled all of a sudden. At this time, there was no mastery demeanor, they could only nodded stiffly.

“Everyone breaks one hand, and then leaves the Mei family, I will spare you not die!”

Lin Fan ruthlessly commanded, like a high king, right they gave orders.

For this, Black and White Shuangsha just gave a wry smile, but didn’t even have the courage to resist, and directly slapped his palm.

The two brothers helped each other to get up, preparing to betray the Mei family and leave.

But before they left, they looked at Lin Fan with complex expressions and begged:

“Senior, can you tell us who you are?”
They want to know who they are defeated.

An extraordinary existence such as Lin Fan shouldn’t be a mediocre person, it’s a deadly understanding.

Lin Fan glanced at them, and then asked faintly:

“Black and white double evil, do you still remember that the only defeat in your life was a loss to Who?”


A simple sentence directly evoked the painful memories of the two of them. It was the darkest and most desperate moment in their lives.

The two brothers chased down the man confidently, but the other party defeated them completely in just a hundred rounds.

If it weren’t for their strong strength and forcibly escaped, I’m afraid they are dead now.

And that man is their nightmare so far, that stalwart and mighty body, that blood-stained armor, is still vivid!

He has no name, but everyone calls him the mad god of blood hell!

“You… are you his apprentice?”

Everyone suddenly looked at Lin Fan nervously, this young man in front of him is related to the bloody mad god?

This is so desperate for them!

That man is scary enough, but the apprentice he cultivated is also so overbearing? Was defeated by the master and apprentice one after another. The brothers only felt that their self-esteem was seriously damaged.


Lin Fan’s next words made the brothers completely crazy.

Lin Fan smiled slightly, looked at them and said:

“No, I am his master!”

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