Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1598

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Chapter 1598


However, in a few minutes!

All the Dragon Tooth warriors headed by Kou Jianghuai walked towards Lin Fan in stride, and bowed respectfully:

“Instructor, we will serve Mr. Xu. I’m here to support you!”

Old Xu?

Xu Longxiang?

How can this be so special!

Miao Qiaowei’s eyes are about to stare out, Longya’s leader Xu Longxiang, unexpectedly ordered his men to support this man?

Xu Longxiang has always been upright, never using power for personal gain, but now…

Miao Qiaowei looked at Lin Fan in horror as she saw a ghost.

What terrible background does the man in front of me have, and it is worth Xu Long to treat him like this?



A drop of cold sweat instantly slipped from his forehead.


This one is really over!

He already felt that one of his legs had stepped into the ghost gate, and his whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

And at this time, Lin Fan nodded, and then looked at Miao Qiaowei and the other three:

“My people are almost there! You are better than the cards. Really? Then do you think I have enough cards?”


Miao Qiaowei only felt her brain roar, sweating like rain.

The most powerful gangsters in the whole Jiangnan gathered here, because of this man’s word, the whole Jiangnan moved together.

Who can compare to such a card?

Even a provincial number one like Miao Qiaowei has no such ability!

Originally, Miao Qiaowei thought he was a small commoner, but what happened?

People are great gods!

These two eye-opening scumbags, this time they are completely miserable!

When same as!

Lin Fan looked at the onlookers eating melons, and said coldly:
“Do you still think that my wife will seduce him?”

The audience was silent!

Everyone didn’t even have the courage to look at Lin Fan.

A sensation in the entire Jiangnan in one sentence, such a super god, can be called powerful.

How could his wife seduce a fat and ugly old man behind his back?

Unless she is crazy!

At this time, they all realized that they had let Miao Cuiyun and Song Donglin cheated.

“I don’t know Taishan!”

“You two bastards, why don’t you kneel down for Mr. Lin?”

Miao Qiaowei immediately shouted at Miao Cuiyun.

Miao Cuiyun didn’t dare to say a word, so she knelt down to Lin Fan, shaking all over.

Completely shocked!

Then, Miao Qiaowei squeezed out a smile that was even worse than crying, and asked Lin Fan:

“Mr. Lin, I have nothing to do with them. Complaint.”

Lin Fan looked at Miao Cuiyun coldly:

“I said, pay a hundred times! She just slapped my wife, you know what to do how did you do it?”

Hear the words!

Long Jiu quickly winked at Long Millennium.

Long Qianxi was immediately ecstatic. This is a great opportunity to please Lin Zuo. How could he miss it?

At the moment, he walked quickly towards Miao Cuiyun and opened his bow directly.


Slap after slap, slapped on Miao Cuiyun’s face frantically as if he didn’t need money.

Like that, it’s as if you will never give up without killing Miao Cuiyun!

“Donglin, help me! Dad, help me!”

Miao Cuiyun screamed again and again, and after a while, his face was covered in flesh and blood, and he looked extraordinarily scary.

The screams were like killing a pig, very stern.

However, Song Donglin and Miao Qiaowei did not dare to breathe. How could they dare to go forward and be troubled at this time?

Isn’t that looking for death?

Everyone can also see that Lin Fan will not take lightly to Miao Cuiyun today.

A hundred times repayment, isn’t that a hundred slaps?

Isn’t this killing people?

At the moment, Miao Qiaowei made a decisive decision and angrily rebuked:

“You have done a good job! I don’t care about you, if you offend Mr. Lin, you should pay the price!”
He already knew that he could not save Miao Cuiyun, so he could only take care of himself in order not to be implicated.


At this moment, Lin Fan’s cold gaze fell on him:

“I said you can go now?”

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