Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1599

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Chapter 1599

Hear the words!

Miao Qiaowei’s expression suddenly stiffened, and then turned her head a little uneasy, and said with a wry smile: “Mr. Lin, I was abrupt about this matter, I don’t know these two I don’t know what the life and death things have done, and I ask Mr. Lin to forgive me. “

Miao Qiaowei’s intestines are all regretful.

Knowing this a long time ago, how dare he be so arrogant before?

This time, she caught fire and caused a disaster!

“Forgive me?”

Lin Fan sneered, and said casually:

“I have let you off before, you think I will do it again did you post it the second time?”


Upon hearing this, Miao Qiaowei’s expression changed wildly, and the feeling of anxiety in her heart became stronger.

In the next instant, she seemed to have thought of something, crying and asked:

“You… are you?”

Then, Lin Fan It was throwing a blockbuster:

“The one who killed your brother-in-law was me!”


These words were extremely shocked, making Miao Qiaowei trembled like an electric shock.

It’s not just him!

Even Miao Cuiyun and Song Donglin were paralyzed by fear at this moment.

They heard before that the uncle had offended a big man, so he was arrested and shot, but they didn’t expect that the big man was the man in front of him.

Miao Qiaowei was already weakly sitting on the ground, her face pale, and her whole body was trembling.

“During this period of time, I have been cautious and honest, just for fear that the existence will make him feel sick.”

It is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse cannot be avoided.

She still can’t avoid this catastrophe after all.

And this time, she provoked Lin Fan!

Miao Qiaowei cried, really cried.

What did he do in his last life, and became relatives with such two broom stars, this time his black hat is really unsafe.

Thinking of his attitude towards Lin Fan just now, he knew what would happen to him.

“You are the cause, you are the cause!”

Miao Qiaowei rushed to Song Donglin frantically and slapped him directly.

“The old immortal, do you dare to hit me?”

Song Donglin roared like thunder and kicked Miao Qiaowei away.

This scene stunned Miao Qiaowei and her daughter.

Song Donglin has always been like a dog in their house. He can’t fight back or scold her. Now he is standing up?

“Song Donglin, are you crazy? You hit my dad?

Miao Cuiyun angrily scolded:

“You apologize to my dad right away!”


Song Donglin sneered again and again:

“What am I afraid of? I was afraid of him before, because he was the No. 1 province, now he is a fart?”

“Anyway, everyone is finished now, I still need to be angry with him? I dare to kill him!”


Miao Qiaowei was trembling with anger. What kind of evil is this?

But Lin Fan didn’t even look at them. Instead, he ordered Long Jiu:

“This pair of dog men and women, each slaps a hundred slaps. Let’s go!”

“And this prestigious provincial No. 1…substitution!”


The final word!
The kind of domineering and self-confidence that must do what he said made everyone present stunned.

In one sentence, the province No. 1 will be replaced. How terrifying is such an existence?

Miao Qiaowei, who heard this, fell straight back. Unconscious.

Lin Fan helped Bai Yi to leave, comfortingly said:

“My wife, stop crying.”

Bai Yi nodded. Nestled docilely in Lin Fan’s arms, she only felt extremely satisfied in her heart.

If it weren’t for Lin Fan, she would be carrying a shameless infamy.

After returning to the restaurant, Bai Yi pretended to be okay, not wanting to worry about his parents.

“Why did it go so long and fell into the pit?”

Baishan’s joking way.

Lin Fan and his wife just smiled.

At this time, the waiter delivered a hot dish.

“Hey, we didn’t order this dish!”

Baishan asked in confusion.

“This, this is because of a store celebration, so it was delivered.”

The waiter said with an uneasy expression, as if hiding something.

But Lin Fan’s family did not doubt, after all, it is common for stores to do activities.

Then after the family had finished eating, they asked Lin Fan to pick up the car.

“My dear daughter, don’t you plan to tell Lin Fan the good news?”

Baishan asked jokingly, with a deep joy on his face.

Bai Yi suddenly looked shy, and said:

“When he comes back in a while, I will tell…”

It’s just that I haven’t finished speaking yet. , Her eyes were black and she fell straight back.

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