Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1605

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Chapter 1605

A sneer came from the door of the pharmacy.

Then, a man appeared at the door of the pharmacy with a grinning grin on the corner of his mouth, staring at Lin Fan with contempt.

Jin Chengen?

The moment when he saw the other party, Lin Fan’s face suddenly became gloomy.

“Lao Jin, who is this person?”

Jin Chengen was followed by a group of young masters, who stared at Lin Fan unkindly at this time.

Jin Chengen smiled contemptuously, and explained:

“A good-for-nothing son-in-law of the Bai family who lives on soft food.”

Those sons when he heard it, they all laughed.

“It turned out to be him. I had long heard that Bai Yimei from the Bai family was a god, but he found a wasteful husband and became Jiang Shi’s huge laughingstock. Seeing it today, it was really poor.”

“Boy, take half a million to buy medicine, so rich? Your wife gave you pocket money?”

“Dog stuff, you offended us, Young Master Jin? Let’s do this, you give He knocked his head a few times and said something wrong, so we won’t be troubled by you, okay?”

A group of young masters all smirked, waiting to see Lin Fan’s jokes.

It was not the first time that they bullied others, and it was not the first time that they bullied people like Lin Fan.

Lin Fan frowned, and said in a nasty voice:

“I am in a bad mood today, so no matter how good you are, don’t trouble me.”


A group of elder brothers were stunned, wondering if they had misheard, this little white face threatened them?

“Oh, I’m so scared, what can you do to us?”

“Don’t do this, he will have to find his wife to give him Supported, hahaha!”

A group of elder brothers burst into laughter, even more disdainful.

They have a superior family background and a strong background. Would they care about the threat of a little white face?

In their eyes, Lin Fan is just an ant, trying to bring down a group of elephants, just embarrassing.

And Jin Chengen was even more straightforward, and said directly to the pharmacy owner:

“One million, I want all the medicinal materials he wants, and immediately wrap it up for me!”
One, one million?
The pharmacy owner’s eyes are about to stare out, what is this special about another grandpa?

At the moment, his face is full of flattery, and he said like a pug:

“This young man, wait a minute, I will immediately the medicinal materials are packaged for you!”

Actually increased the price by 500,000 directly, how can there be any reason not to sell?

This made him a profiteer who only recognizes money. He immediately ignored Lin Fan and decided to sell the medicinal materials to Jin Chengen.

Ha ha!

Jin Chengen sneered twice, then looked at Lin Fan provocatively:

“I’m sorry, Lin Fan, I just heard you say that you want to use these medicines to save people, right? Come on, I’m afraid the one in your family can only wait to die.”


Lin Fan frowned, an anger instantly surged into his heart, and said coldly to the pharmacy owner:

“Boss, you must be honest in business, and you must pay attention to everything. , I wanted these medicines first, but you sold them to others. Isn’t it too bad faith?”

Hear this!

The owner of the pharmacy snorted impatiently, and said contemptuously:

“This medicinal material is mine. I will sell it to whomever I want to sell. It’s your business? “

“If you want, then increase the price? What kind of medicine do the poor guys buy, don’t be embarrassed get out!”


Jin Chengen also laughed, and then gave a thumbs up to the pharmacy owner:

“The boss said well what kind of medicine does the poor guy buy? Just wait for death!”
The owner of the pharmacy smiled:

“This is what I said from the bottom of my heart. A dead and poor ghost wants to grab medicinal materials from you, and doesn’t take a piss to take pictures of his own virtues.”

Lin Fan smiled fiercely, and the corners of his mouth evoked an arc of evil charm:

“I said, I will not continue to increase the price. Five hundred thousand is fifty. Wan, I advise you to accept it!”

“Otherwise, you will cry without tears for a while!”

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