Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1615

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Chapter 1615


His attitude caused Zhou Guodong’s expression to change wildly, and he looked at Lin Fan with a strange expression.

Especially, he actually saw Lin Fan’s face full of irony and ridicule.

Is he making fun of himself?

Right now, Zhou Guodong’s face has become very ugly. He has always felt that he is the smartest one.

“I played with Lin Fan, playing with the police, the law, and everything.”

Can Lin Fan make fun of him?

“What are you laughing at?”

Zhou Guodong questioned angrily, it should be Lin Fan who became angry at this time.

But this guy looks down on him?

Lin Fan stopped laughing, and uttered the name of a place surprisingly:

“The United States!”


Zhou Guodong exploded directly, looking at Lin Fan in horror, because the place Lin Fan said was exactly where his wife and children were!

“What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?”

In the next moment, Zhou Guodong pretended to be calm and pretended to be stupid, but his expression became very unnatural. Up.

In his opinion, Lin Fan must be a blind cat who has encountered a dead mouse. It is impossible for him to know where he placed his wife and children.


Lin Fan’s next sentence made him completely desperate.

“Do you not admit it? Then, New Jersey, you should know it?”


Zhou Guodong sat on the ground directly, his eyes looked at Lin Fan in horror:

“This is impossible! This is impossible! How would you know?”
The other party not only mentioned the country where his wife and children are, but also the city where they are directly!

Damn it!

What the hell is going on!

This matter, obviously only he knows!

But Lin Fan laughed sarcastically:
“You underestimated my Lin Fan’s ability too much!”


Lin Fan also took out a photo, and then threw it on the table.

Zhou Guodong just glanced at it, and he was about to explode.

Isn’t the person in front of him his son and wife?

And the shooting scene is their current residence!

The last fluke in Zhou Guodong’s heart was completely shattered at this moment, and this guy knew everything in front of him.

He is not bluffing himself!

Before Lin Fan came here, he had already understood everything clearly, and the only thing he didn’t know was the man behind the scenes.

For him, it is not too simple to investigate a person!

Seeing this, Zhou Guodong seemed to have lost his soul, completely desperate.

“What do you want?”

Zhou Guodong no longer had the arrogance and confidence he had just now, and asked extremely decadently.

Lin Fan took out the photos of his wife and children, not only wanted to tell him that Lin Fan knew where they were.

It is more of a threat!

Threaten Zhou Guodong, Lin Fan will also hurt his wife!

Zhou Guodong has deeply realized that this qualified man in front of him is not easy to provoke.

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:

“Tell me, who is the one who instigated you behind the scenes!”


Hearing this, Zhou Guodong said with a distressed expression:

“I really can’t say, if I say, my wife and children will die!”
His wife and children can successfully complete the formalities and go abroad in just one day, all because of someone’s help.

So that person also knows the whereabouts of his wife and children. If he knows that he has betrayed him, he will definitely not let go of his wife and children.

Zhou Guodong didn’t even think about Lin Fan’s ability to find out the whereabouts of his wife and children accurately!

It was this act that completely pushed him to a dead end!


Lin Fan asked with a smile, and then a frightening murderous intent suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“Then how do you know, I will not kill your wife and children?”

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