Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1661

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Chapter 1661


Upon hearing this, everyone present was stunned, each with a stunned expression, as if shocked.

The atmosphere of the audience fell into a weird silence!

They, is there an auditory hallucination?

Follow along!

“Puff! Hahaha!”

Everyone burst into laughter, as if they had heard a big joke.

Then, almost everyone looked at Lin Fan with a look of idiots.

This idiot, do you know what he is talking about?

Did he let them go?

Huo Dongying laughed loudly, madly happy:

“Lin Fan, what are you, you say let us go, do we have to go?”
“Is this kid invited by a monkey? I really think of myself as an onion?”

Everyone sneered at Lin Fan’s words. This guy is really interesting. Do you consider yourself the host of this banquet?

said let them go, they have to go?

At first they thought that Lin Fan dared to be so hard-headed, he should be somewhat capable.

But now it seems that this guy is a 100% brain-dead!

However, Lin Fan was indifferent to everyone’s ridicule:

“Yes, I said you get out, you have to get out!”

Then, he looked back at Li Xunran at the same time, and smiled:

“I think I still have this power?”

Li Xunran rolled her eyes, this guy is really good at hitting snakes and sticks, knowing that Yao Lao wanted him today, so she took advantage of the fire.

At the moment, Li Xunran took a step forward with indifferent expression, and looked around the young men:

“Huo Dongying, you can go away!”


Li Xunran really wants to drive their house? And is it to drive them away because of the Lin family trash?


This must be an illusion!

Either Li Xunran is crazy!

Everyone felt incredible at this moment. How could this Lin Fan’s identity be more noble than them?

“Li Xunran, are you kidding?”

Huo Dong asked in a bad English, frowning tightly.

Li Xunran expelled the wealthy children of them for the sake of a waste dump, which made her unable to accept.

Li Xunran glanced at Huo Dongying, but said with a calm expression:

“Sorry, he is my master’s guest of honor, and what he said represents what my master meant. “


At the moment when he heard Li Xunran’s words, the audience fell into a dead silence, and everyone’s eyes were filled with incredible panic.

Lin Fan’s words represent Yao Lao?

What a joke!

How can this guy be qualified to represent Yao Lao?

Even Li Xunran is not qualified!
At the moment, everyone thinks that Li Xunran is talking nonsense!

And Huo Dongying also burst into laughter, as if he heard the most ridiculous joke in the world, he kept shaking his head and sneered:

“Priest? The old man of medicine is attracted to such waste. , Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Li Xunran blinked and said indifferently:
“Aren’t you?”
Huo Dongying was completely blown up. Is Li Xunran determined to have trouble with him?

At the moment, Huo Dongying said furiously:

“Li Xunran, you insist on protecting this waste. Believe it or not, I will go to Yao Lao Na to complain to you?”
He doesn’t believe that Yao Lao will really value this waste in front of him.

Li Xunran just sneered at Huo Dongying’s warning:

“Whatever you want, but please leave now! Otherwise, I’ll call someone!”
The faces of Huo Dongying, Liu Xi and others were particularly ugly. They did not expect that Li Xunran would be so uncomfortable.

Actually plan not to give them face?

This is too much, right?

And seeing Li Xunran’s oil and salt not getting in, Huo Dongying could only look at Lin Fan and laughed unkindly.

This persimmon naturally has to be selected softly!

“Lin Fan, I remember your wife is the president of the New Bai family, right? This time I come to the Imperial City, I must also want cooperation?” “If you offend us, believe it or not, we let your wife’s new Bai family go bankrupt and close the door!” As soon as said this, Liu Xi and others stared at Lin Fan with contempt.

The people gathered here today are all the top pharmaceutical companies in China. If they want to block a new Baishi, it is really just a matter of flicks.

In other words, whether Bai Yi can continue to mix in this line depends entirely on their faces.

Hear the words!

Lin Fan smiled, extremely ironically, then looked up at Huo Dongying:

“What do you want?”


This trash is scared!

Seeing Lin Fan’s attitude, Huo Dongying immediately thought Lin Fan was persuaded. After all, he was a waste of soft food, if he caused his own funder to go bankrupt, he would not be able to eat it.

At the moment, he smiled grimly, and said extremely arrogantly:

“Kneel down, give me a few beeps! This matter, just forget it. !”

Just listen to this!

Liu Xi and others are all smiling and playful, staring at Lin Fan maliciously.


Lin Fan was amused by Huo Dongying’s words, and said sarcastically:

“That’s it?”

He thought Huo Dongying would be more talented. Yes, it turned out to be just the same childish behavior as when I was a child.

“Of course more!”

Liu Xi snorted coldly. She couldn’t understand the attitude of the old god like Lin Fan, and she strode forward, then picked up a bottle of red wine and poured it on Lin Fan!




It didn’t take long for a bottle of red wine to be completely poured, and Lin Fan’s body was soaked.

And strangely, he didn’t resist during the whole process!

For their humiliation, accept it!

This kind of behavior is horrible in the eyes of Huo Dongying and others, but in Li Xunran’s eyes, it is her mother’s damn!

Li Xunran’s eyes showed a deep horror, and she stared at Lin Fan in extreme horror.


This time, it’s over!

These idiots have broken the sky!

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