Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1669

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Chapter 1669

Lin Fan was a little curious, but it was the first time he heard that Bai Yi had a cousin.

After further questioning, he found out that the other party was a child from the second uncle Baishan’s family. He had been studying abroad and only recently returned to Huaxia, and he was very good. It is said that he has obtained a double doctorate degree.

Bai Yi also said that when she was a child, she targeted her cousin, because her cousin is the best no matter what she does. She is a super woman!

Half an hour later, Lin Fanhe Bai Yi met the legendary cousin. At the age of nearly 30, she did not leave too many traces of time on her body, but added a bit of mature charm and intellectuality.

It is like a peach, people can’t wait for a bite when they look at it.

She wore a capable little suit and professional skirt, giving people a sense of social elite.

And this time, she embraced Bai Yi enthusiastically, and then said to Bai Yi a little annoyed:


“Slim its good, which woman doesn’t want to be thinner?”

Bai Yi said with a smile, then pulled Lin Fan over and introduced to her cousin:

“This is my husband Lin Fan!”

Lin Fan nodded to the other party as a greeting.

And the other party also enthusiastically reached out, shook hands with Lin Fan, and introduced himself:

“Hello, my name is Xu Yourong, I am glad to meet you!”
Just! When

Saying this, a faint hatred flashed through Xu Yourong’s eyes.

At the same time, the hand that shook Lin Fan’s hand was also touched and left, as if he was afraid that it would stain his hand if he held it for a long time.

“Let’s find a place to have a meal, I’m almost starving!”

Xu Yourong said with a smile, still looking enthusiastic, “I have to say that this acting skill is nothing short of enthusiasm. It’s expert.”

Then, they went to a restaurant.

Bai Yi went to the toilet halfway through, and with her walk, Xu Yourong’s attitude changed 360 degrees.

He lighted himself a cigarette, and then looked at Lin Fan condescendingly:

“Leave Bai Yi!”

The voice is very loud. Its cold, it’s chilling!

“It’s as if I feel sick when I talk to Lin Fan.”

“From start to finish, I didn’t even look at Lin Fan!”

“What are you talking about?”

Lin Fan’s expression was stunned, and he thought he had heard it wrong. It was the first time he and Xu Yourong met. Why did Xu Yourong treat him so much? Hostility?

Where did this offend this woman?

Xu Yourong frowned immediately, and said with a displeased expression:

“I said let you leave Bai Yi, people like you are not worthy of her!”
“And I also know that she was forced to marry you because she was forced to have no choice. She still has a splendid life and should not be dragged down by waste like you.”

At this time Xu Yourong did not conceal her hatred for Lin Fan.

Hear the words!

Lin Fan was stunned and said with a smile:



The disgust in Xu Yourong’s eyes was immediately exposed, and she looked at Lin Fan coldly:

“What I hate the most is that you are such a stubborn, shameless man, you feel so entangled. Is she interesting? Do you think you are a good match for her?”

“Since the divorce is going to be sooner or later, why have to drag each other to make each other unhappy?”

Xu Yourong firmly believes a paragraph a marriage that does not fit together will never go to the end.

Because the three views are different, the two sides will be dizzy due to the short-term passion in a short time, but the contradiction will naturally appear over time.

By that time, Bai Yi will definitely divorce Lin Fan.

And Xu Yourong also despised Lin Fan, the son-in-law who relies on soft rice, he is not worthy of Bai Yi, Bai Yi should be worthy of a better man!

At this time, Lin Fan also laughed, and asked:

“Then I really divorced Bai Yi, what will happen afterward?”
“Will she be sad, won’t she be sad?”

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