Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1678

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Chapter 1678

At this time, Xu Yourong was not in the mood to eat anymore. After packing up her things, she hurriedly left the scene.

For fear that Huo Dongying would detect something wrong and turn back halfway.

But only when she reached the door, she saw Wang Zuyuan and a group of people, presenting a man at the door, and shouting in unison:

“Send the genius doctor Lin!”


This sentence seemed to have some kind of magic power, which directly caused Xu Yourong’s head to explode.

The genius doctor Lin is so close at hand?

At the moment, he seemed to be crazy, dashing forward, and couldn’t wait to see her idol.

At this time, Xu Yourong’s eyes were flushed with excitement, and tears of excitement flowed down.

And just now!

That figure was already in a car, and then left quickly.

In an instant!

Xu Yourong was stunned, because she found that the figure in the car was 70% to 80% similar to Lin Fan.

Whether it’s dressing or body shape, it looks too much!

Lin Fan, is the genius doctor Lin?

Is she dreaming?

Immediately after, she shook her head constantly, dispelling this absurd idea.


There must be a mistake!

They may just look alike, they are definitely not the same person.

Lin, how could he be a son-in-law?

At this time, Xu Yourong was in a state of confusion.

No, she must immediately ask Zhang Jianjun to take her to see the genius doctor Lin. She can’t wait to know who the genius doctor Lin is.


And the next day, Lin Fan went to Washington DC Pharmaceuticals, preparing to start operating the largest pharmaceutical group in China.

But when he arrived at the door, he saw a large group of bodyguards strode forward and roughly pushed him away.

“Go away! Go away! Are you blind, don’t you see the star coming?”

The star?

Lin Fan frowned, even if he is a celebrity, he is not qualified to let people go away, right?

How powerful is this?
“This road is yours?” Lin Fan asked with a sneer.

“Hey!” The captain of the bodyguard headed by was immediately annoyed. It was the first time that he saw such a shameless stunner, when even he scolded:
“As long as we are here today, then this road really belongs to our house!”

“You work here, right? I tell you, our boss is your DCP The spokesperson, if you run into her, you won’t be able to eat it! Get out! Or I will interrupt your dog legs!”

Lin Fan’s brows have deepened, and Washington Pharmaceuticals actually invited them. A star with no artistic virtue as a spokesperson?

“What nonsense with this dead poor ghost, quickly chase him away, the sourness on his body is about to help me vomit!”

A beautiful woman walked up. , A famous brand and a fiery figure, was looking at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look.

Just a glance, Lin Fan could see that this lady had been knives all over her body, she was a veritable man-made beauty.

With this appearance, even half of his own wife can’t compare with him. Can such a woman be a star?

The taste of the public is really weird!

But Lin Fan didn’t know that Ouyang Feifei was able to become a big star because she was able to let go. When she first debuted, the entire crew, from director to photographer, sleeps wherever she has some identity. All over again.

This is finally a chance to debut!

And at this time, Ouyang Feifei turned her head and looked at Lin Fan contemptuously:

“Boy, do you want to sign? My old lady is not free now, get out! ”


Lin Fan’s eyes widened, with an unbelievable look.

This woman is too narcissistic, right?

He couldn’t help laughing directly, and asked:

“Who are you, why should I ask for your signature?”

What !

Everyone present, including Ouyang Feifei, everyone’s eyes widened, with an incredible look!

This guy doesn’t even know Ouyang Feifei?

Don’t know the current ratings queen, Ouyang Feifei, the most popular TV drama queen?

Nowadays, the TV series she starred in are broadcast on a rolling basis on all TV stations, but anyone who has watched TV can never not know her.

Ouyang Feifei also froze for a moment, and then laughed extremely pretentiously:

“Boy, you want to pretend not to know me on purpose to attract my attention, right?”

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