Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

Steward Zhang stared at Lin Guangyao, seeming to want to confirm the authenticity of what Guangyao said.

But Lin Guangyao smiled slightly, but didn’t explain much, instead he called an old man from the side.

Seeing the old man!

Steward Zhang was also refreshed, because he recognized the old man, who was Zhu Qing, the curator of the Jiangshi Collection Museum.

“Curator Zhu, let you introduce to Steward Zhang!” Lin Guangyao smiled slightly.

And hear this!

Curator Zhu Qing didn’t have any dissatisfaction. Instead, he took out the calligraphy and painting in his hand and spread it out:

“Steward Zhang, what Mr. Lin said is true. After my appraisal, the texture, color, style and lines of this painting are all made by Master Blood! Don’t worry!”


Hearing the appraisal of Curator Zhu Qing, the butler suddenly let out a long sigh of relief, and then said enthusiastically:

“Okay! That’s great, Guangyao, you and Curator Zhu Qing will sit down first, I will go and invite President Li right now!”

“His old man must be overjoyed when he learns about it. After all, this is the most precious fiftieth birthday gift!”


Steward Zhang hurriedly went to invite Li Zhenghui.

Seeing this scene, Lin Guangyao smiled more brilliantly.

He seemed to have seen that he won Li Zhenghui’s favor and thus once again entered the Tianlong Group.

“Huh! Shaun, you wait for me. When I, Lin Guangyao, come back, I will definitely step on you!”

Lin Guangyao thought fiercely, with a bitter smile on his lips.

Just at this moment!

The shout of welcoming guests at the door came:

“Bai’s Group—Baishan and Shaun, come to celebrate your birthday!”


This sentence made Lin Guangyao’s expression transient.

He didn’t expect to say that Cao Cao arrived.

When he hated that person the most, this guy came to him again.

At the moment, Lin Guangyao quickly turned his head to look around, and suddenly saw that an old and a young guys came in from the door.

It is Baishan and Shaun.

The Bai Group has just annexed the Huang Group some time ago, and its reputation has skyrocketed.

This also made that after Baishan came in, the upper class people stood up one after another and greeted Baishan.

As for Shaun!

But there was no one at all, just look at it, after all, in the eyes of many big brothers, Shaun is just a small son-in-law, and is not qualified to let them take a look.

Baishan responded with a smile all the way.

However, when they were just looking for a seat, they suddenly saw a limping young man walking over.


As soon as the young man approached, he stared at Shaun with his eyes, almost bursting into flames.

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