Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

Faith’s tears came out, and she fell into her mother’s arms and cried sadly.

“Mommy, my classmates said I only have a poor mother and no rich father.”

Faith sniffed sadly, and choked, “The teacher said in class, this is called a half-father.”

“In order to help me get ahead, Derek scolded the group of children who laughed at me. Jason had a dispute with the teacher because of me.”

“Mommy, it’s because I’m not good. I’ve caused Derek and Jas to be trained. I’m not a good boy.”

Grace heard this sentence like a needle.

Obviously, her father lives under one roof, but his alienation from Faith hurt the child’s fragile heart twice and three times. As a result, when other students laughed at Faith for not having a father, Faith would empathize with him and cried so sadly.

She suddenly took Faith’s hand and walked to Jacob’s study.

She decided, even if she really has nothing, as long as the child grows up healthy and happy, she is willing to die alone.

She wants to tell Jacob Tongbao is his daughter.

Jacob looked at the big and small who came in, staring at them with his brows. “Something?”

“Master Zhan, have you ever thought about…giving a daughter?” Grace wanted to go straight ahead, but in the end she couldn’t hold back the conversation and turned to temptation.

Jacob looked at Faith with a thought-provoking smile.

Grace’s daughter born to other men, his tolerance is not wide enough to regard her as his own.

“Are you going to give your daughter to me? Sorry-I have Derek and Jason enough.” Jacob said.

“Faith is very good…”

“Well, she is pretty good in front of you. But she is not so good in front of me.” Jacob told the truth, “I don’t really think I can teach her well.”

Refusal means very obvious.

Faith desperately shook Mommy’s arm and begged with red eyes, “Mommy, I don’t want Daddy.”

Grace looked at the hesitant Jacob, and at the resisting Faith. Finally sighed helplessly.

Pulled Faith and left.

That night, Faith kept calling mommy in the middle of the night, and Grace hugged Faith and stayed up all night.

What should she do?

After this incident, the relationship between Faith and Jacob seemed to have returned to the starting point.

Faith didn’t want to try hard to please Jacob, because she felt that no matter how hard she tried, Daddy would not like her. So she gave up trying.

As long as Jacob thought that Faith was the child of Grace and other men, he could not get close to her.

At breakfast the next day, the family atmosphere became extremely rigid.

Faith buried her head and drank the porridge, never raising her eyes to look at Jacob.

Grace looked at Faith, who had been trembling with laughter all the time, and now became reticent. She sighed silently in her heart, and felt a little annoyed at Jacob.

Jacob turned a blind eye to the emotional hatred of the two women.

Got used to it!

However, Jacob’s sense of humiliation and arrogance was quickly defeated by Bai Suyuan who suddenly visited.

When Grace and Jacob went out, Bai Suyuan’s sports car stopped on the petrol road outside the hollow flower wall of their home. Bai Suyuan wore a white suit, leaning lazily on the car door. Looking at Grace, his eyes were crooked with a smile.

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