Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 197

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Chapter 197

Grace bowed her head. It was the child who made the mistake. Why did he get the training?

“Master Zhan, I was wrong.” She replied feebly, with a perfunctory meaning.

Jacob’s long and narrow eyes filled with an inexplicable smile, and the training appearance of Irene when she was young was loaded into his mind, just like her, with her head drooping, as if the end of the world had come, listening to his reprimand with fear.

Jacob shifted his gaze to Meng Bao and sternly rebuked, “Follow me home.”

Derek and Jas followed father like two zombies, sighing dejectedly.

Grace pulled Faith with tears in her eyes, and followed him anxiously.

When he got home, Jacob sat proudly on the sofa, with his long legs (overlapped) together, and looked at the three little ones standing opposite.

Grace stood beside them, as if it were the strongest wireless signal.

The four mother and son looked in sync, their heads drooped, their heads buried, and they didn’t dare to look at him.

“Look up.” Jacob said coldly.

The four of them raised their heads in unison, and their pitying eyes fell into the eyes of Jue Zhan Han, making Jacob a little bit dumbfounded.

“Is the purpose of going to school to fight and quarrel?” Jacob thought backwards and induced the children.

Jason and Derek shook their heads.

“The purpose of going to school is to learn all kinds of abilities to deal with setbacks. If a classmate provokes you, you will fight; if a classmate insults you, you have to talk back; in other words, you are just a group of little wolf dogs with no opinion, Controlled by others, do you like this kind of life?”

Jas and Derek shook their heads abruptly.

“Then tell me, what will you do if you encounter similar problems in the future?”

“Ignore.” Derek.

“Let yourself become good and powerful enough, so naturally there will be no flies coming up.” Jason said.

Jacob nodded in relief, “Very good.”

Grace really admired the theory of Zhan Ye’s education of children. He did not prescribe the right medicine, but solved the crux of all the problems.

“Let’s play.” Jacob patted the two sons on the head, and Derek and Jason immediately ran away.

Grace pulled Faith and was about to drive away, but Jacob suddenly stopped her, “Grace!”

Grace stopped helplessly and turned around, looking at Jacob timidly.

“If you can’t teach children, don’t teach them,” he said seriously.

Grace was a little unconvinced, “Warlord, there is an ancient saying that’a gentleman speaks but does not move’. What is wrong with me for prohibiting Derek from fighting?”

Jacob was stunned. “Derek is a little boy now, and one day he will become an indomitable man. Do you want him to become a babble who can only talk about things?”

Grace was dumb, she didn’t seem to have thought about such a long time at all.

“I see!” Grace compromised.

Jacob looked at the tearful Faith. This child was already soft and cute. The appearance of crying really made people melt their hearts.

“What’s wrong with Faith?” He rarely cared about Faith once.

Faith lifted Mommy’s arm and covered heer face. She didn’t want to see Daddy, because Daddy didn’t answer her phone yesterday and hurt her fragile heart.

Daddy doesn’t love her.

Faith’s resistance to Jacob made Jacob lose her last patience. He stood up and went to work in the study upstairs.

Grace thought carefully, knowing that her daughter must have been wronged today, and holding Faith gently asked, “Tell Mommy, was it bullied by other students at school?”

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