Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1682

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Chapter 1682

Just now!

Ouyang Feifei and Wan Lishi walked in one after another, but their faces were arrogant.

Especially Ouyang Feifei, her face is still wounded!

Everyone is even more confused now, what happened to Ouyang Feifei?

Xu Yourong hurriedly gave up a smile, stood up and said:

“Ms. Ouyang Feifei, this is so good, how come we are canceling the contract? Isn’t it our Washington Pharmaceuticals, what have we done? What’s wrong, you can bring it up!”

Hear the words!

Ouyang Feifei suddenly gave a cold snort, and said proudly:

“You still have the face to ask me, what did your Washington pharmacy do, don’t you know in your heart? ?”


Xu Yourong and others are even more confused. What did they do in Washington DC?

And at this time, Wan Lishi also pushed Ouyang Feifei, letting her accept it when she sees it. After all, Washington Pharmaceuticals is a state-owned enterprise and the leader of the national pharmaceutical industry, and cannot be offended easily.

Ouyang Feifei is arrogant and domineering elsewhere, but Washington Pharmaceuticals is not a place where they can do it casually.

Xu Yourong is also very well-trained, with a smile on her face said:

“We really don’t know what we did wrong, please let me know!”
Wan Li Shi said:

“Director Xu, it is like this! Someone in your group assaulted our artist and unilaterally said that he would dissolve the cooperation with us. I also want to know this. Did you mean it?”

“You said that if you put our Ouyang Feifei like this, no matter how heavy the makeup is, you can’t cover it. How can you shoot your commercial?”

“She looks like this, I see I can’t take any more activities for a long time. Who will bear the loss? “


Xu Yourong’s expression turned gloomy in an instant. The employees of Washington Pharmaceuticals dared to beat their spokesperson?

Even for them, the DC Pharmaceuticals unilaterally canceled the cooperation with Ouyang Feifei, who is so bold?

“Ms. Ouyang Feifei, can you please tell me what is his name?”

Xu Yourong said angrily, she must pick out the bastard who undermined the interests of the group. .

Then, Ouyang Feifei described Lin Fan’s physical characteristics in full.

And after hearing that, Xu Yourong was stunned:

“Are you sure he beat you?”

Ouyang Feifei said that the person who lived, Isn’t it Lin Fan?

That guy is so courageous that he dares to beat a big star?

The bastard!

What a bastard who succeeded in failing and succeeded in failing!

Bai Yi is so blind that she will be attracted to such a trash!

“Director Xu knows this person?”

Wan Lishi frowned at Xu Yourong.

Xu Yourong suddenly became angry, and then said angrily:

“Immediately find a person named Lin Fan in the group, and then bring him over!”
It didn’t take long for Lin Fan to be brought over.

Ouyang Feifei became emotional as soon as she saw Lin Fan, and she screamed bitterly:

“It’s him! This bastard hit me!”
Lin Fan looked helpless, this woman really can’t learn to behave!

Xu Yourong walked towards Lin Fan angrily, and asked:

“Did you beat Miss Ouyang?”

Lin Fan looked. Xu Yourong glanced at him, and did not deny, and said generously:

“Yes, I think she was owed, so I gave her a slap!”

It is really Lin Where!

Xu Yourong is about to explode!

Does this idiot know what he is talking about?

And seeing Lin Fan’s indifferent attitude, Ouyang Feifei and Wan Lishi were completely angry:

“Director Xu, look at his attitude. He has not yet Realize your mistakes!”

“Does your group treat partners like this? If this is the case, who else would dare to cooperate with you in the future?”


Xu Yourong’s face also became extremely ugly, and a sharp look suddenly appeared in her eyes:

“Lin Fan, do you know what you did yourself? You are harming our Hua If the interests of the government’s pharmaceutical industry are really investigated, can you bear the consequences?”

“I order you now, immediately apologize to Miss Ouyang!”

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