Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1672

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Chapter 1672

It is simply great news for the warriors who have been making up for a few months.

“Except for the nickname, today is the last day of our make-up classes this semester, and we will have a holiday tomorrow.” Faith took the gongs and drums to beat in the classroom. “Sisters, how do you arrange the two months of summer vacation?”

Derek lay on the table lazily, sleepy eyes: “I have a hunch that my brother-in-law will not give us a holiday easily.”

Tong Baojiang throwing out the hammering club in his hand, he scolded Derek shyly, “Who is your brother-in-law? You tell me where your brother-in-law is from? I haven’t been in love yet.”

Derek reached out and caught the club neatly and neatly. , Ridiculed Faith said: “You are not hiring yourself. This is not your sister, how do you know that I am talking about you? Oh, I know, so you have a sweetheart, and say, who is he? Brother help you come to propose a kiss?”

Faith covered her face, bowing her chest in shame. “You did it on purpose.” The other sisters roared with laughter.

Derek stood up, walked in front of Faith, put a hand on her shoulder, and said, “Good sister, I know you like Brother Ye Feng. I have to remind you that Brother Ye Feng is so many years old and long. He must be handsome, charming and suave, and the woman outside is thinking about him too much. In case he accidentally loses his body one day, then you and he will be completely over.”

Faith was anxious, “What about me? Do it? The second elder sister said arrogantly: Sister Faith, to be on the safe side, you should take Brother Ye Feng first.

Faith swallowed, this matter is difficult. I just need to enter his room, he Just take me out.” The third sister stroked her chin and thought, “Or we can knock him out for you first, so that you can do whatever you want with him.”

Faith’s eyes shone brightly. .

Standing at the door of the classroom, Guan Xiao, Ye Feng, Dafeng and Jincao heard the breaking news, and they turned into a petrified stone together.

“Ye Feng, I have a foreboding that your boy’s body is going to be unsafe.” Guan Xiao teased.

Ye Feng had a black face and gritted his teeth and said: “If you let her succeed, believe it or not, your foster father will throw you into the “chicken” circle and make your life worse than death.”

Guan Xiao covered his mouth.

“Foster father doesn’t like Faith’s early love.” Jin Cao reminded.

A word awakened the dreamer.

Guan Xiao suddenly felt that the situation was severe, and said sharply: “Ye Feng, from now on, you have to be inseparable from us. You won’t be dazzled by these girls.”

Ye Feng looked at the girls in the Military Intelligence Hall, and said: “The last martial arts. Class. First understand their martial arts routines. They won’t be able to easily calculate them in the future.”

“Good idea.”

Guan Xiao and the others walked into the classroom with their hands behind their backs, and the noisy classroom immediately became silent.

“Who just said to knock me out?” Ye Feng quickly shifted the embarrassing topic.

The sisters in the Military Intelligence Hall dared to act and all raised their hands.

“Brother Ye Feng, it’s me.” said in unison.

Ye Feng shook his fingers at them, “Give you a chance, come up and fight with me. See if you have the ability to knock me out?” The sisters smiled shyly, “So many people beat you and won. It’s not glorious.”

Ye Feng gritted his teeth, “I’ll be glorious by secretly knocking it out?” The sisters were dumb.

It turns out that Ye Feng’s brother heard what they said just now, and

Ye Feng said angrily: “This summer vacation, cancel it.”

“No.” Faith was not interested in studying. He heard that the summer vacation was canceled and immediately wailed.

“Brother Ye Feng, I won’t bully you when you are in danger. Don’t be angry and give us your vacation.”

Ye Feng: “…”

“Can you bully me?” Ye Feng gritted his teeth.

In the heart of this dead girl, how good does he have?

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