Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1681

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Chapter 1681

Hear the words!

Ouyang Feifei’s face suddenly showed a vicious smile, and said, “It’s more than that.” , The guy was very arrogant, he told me to fu*k off, don’t think about cooperating with Washington Pharmaceuticals, he would never agree.”

Wan Li Shi was completely furious, a flash of anger suddenly appeared in her eyes, angrily. Said:

“Where did that bastard go!”

Ouyang Feifei pointed to a door and said to Wan Lishi:

“I looked He entered that door!”


Wan Lishi glanced at the door, then took a breath of air-conditioning, and said in horror:

“Are you sure he entered through that door?”
Ouyang Feifei didn’t know why Wan Lishi was so frightened, and said in confusion:

“I just watched him enter through that door, what’s the matter with Sister Li?”
Wan Lishi broke out in a cold sweat, and she was shaking like a sifting sifter.

“Do you know that you are in a big disaster? That channel belongs to the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals.” Exclusive channel, only the chairman can go!”

“Ouyang Feifei, you have offended the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals, right?”


Hearing Wan Lishi said this, Ouyang Feifei also felt weak in her legs, and she was paralyzed on the ground when she was about to be scared.

His face turned pale!
The guy who dressed like a stinky beggar turned out to be the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals?

This… how is this possible!


This is impossible!

Ouyang Feifei suddenly shook her head in panic, and quibbled:

“Sister Li, you must be mistaken! Since the other party is the chairman of the board, then it must be a prestige. All-sided!”

“But that guy, dressed up as a poor ghost, doesn’t have any expensive temperament, and is only in his twenties, how could he be the chairman?”
She does not want to believe that Lin Fan is the chairman!

Because before she came here, she had already had a crooked mind, and wanted to find a way to hook up with the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals and make him fall under her pomegranate skirt.

Because she heard that the new chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals is a well-known genius doctor Lin. If that existence can be her backing, then her future stardom will be smooth sailing.

But if Lin Fan is the chairman, wouldn’t he offend her completely?

And when she heard this, Wan Lishi finally breathed a sigh of relief and said to herself:

“Twenty-something, that shouldn’t be it!”

How could Washington Pharmaceuticals let a yellow-haired boy be the chairman? I must have made a mistake.


Wan Li Shi gave a cold snort, and a stern touch appeared in her eyes:

“Since you are not the chairman, it’s easy to say! Dare to beat the spokesperson and go as the chairman’s exclusive Channel, that kid is dead!”

“I will let him be fired first, and then find a relationship, break his hands and feet, and let him be a useless person for the rest of his life!”

Wen Yan!

Ouyang Feifei smiled happily and nodded:

“What are you waiting for, let’s go quickly!”

At this time they she can’t wait to see Lin Fan unlucky.

And now!

Xu Yourong was having a meeting with many high-level officials of Washington Pharmaceuticals. She saw the secretary rushing in in a hurry and said loudly:

“The supervisor is not good! Ouyang Feifei intends to take it. Cancel the contract with our Washington Pharmaceuticals!”


Upon hearing this, all the senior executives, including Xu Yourong, suddenly changed their expressions.

They asked the popular fried chicken Ouyang Feifei to speak for them, just to use Ouyang Feifei’s popularity to promote their vaccines, and now that all the vaccines are ready to go on the market, but Ouyang Feifei wants to terminate the contract?

At this moment, where are they going to find a new spokesperson!

And this time!

Xu Yourong also frowned deeply. It was not long before she joined the group. Zhang Jianjun trusted her to leave such an important task to her.

Xu Yourong also knew that Zhang Jianjun could not be disappointed, and the most important thing was that she wanted to make some achievements and show her to Doctor Lin. She was already ready to make a big deal.

As a result, Ouyang Feifei said that she was going to terminate the contract. Didn’t this pit her?

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