Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1671

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Chapter 1671

When Boye left Jacob’s courtyard, his expression was still a little confused. When he got home, his wife asked, “Is it pleasant to recognize relatives?”

Boye nodded and shook his head.

The grandfather put down his work in surprise, came to Boye, and asked with concern, “The child hates you?”

Boye was puzzled: “He didn’t say such decisive words. It’s just that his attitude towards me is not considered enthusiastic. “

Bo Ye suddenly laughed, “For so many years, anyone has regarded Boye as a guest of honor. I am all kind to please. He is the only one who refuses the benefits I give him.” The grandfather was a little surprised, “Could it be that you want to

Donate the research results to him?” Boye sighed, “He is not rare.”

Grandpa said suspiciously, “Really don’t?”

Boye said, “Yes. But I want me to give him this to the country.”

Grandpa Dumbfounded. “It’s really a person who is not tempted by money and power.”

Boye said depressed: “You said, what does he think?” The grandfather said, “I think his city is very deep, we can’t be given by his appearance. I’m deceiving. Let’s wait for Zheng Ling to come another day. You will try Zheng Ling again. That girl Zheng Ling looks silly and sweet…”

Boye nodded.

In the courtyard opposite.

Zheng Ling was lying on the bed in a white nightdress, falling asleep peacefully. Suddenly she had a nightmare, and she was being bitten by a big bad wolf.

Shocked, Zheng Ling opened her eyes and saw that Jacob was kissing her lips, Zheng Ling stared at her pupils

… “Jacob, I want…” Jacob The forbearing expression made Zheng Ling feel pity.

Zheng Ling nodded.

Jacob flicked and sat up, “Forget it; I’ll solve it by myself.”

When he was about to get out of bed, Zheng Ling wrapped up like a snake, “husband, I can do it.”

Jacob looked back at Zheng. Ling’s face that had just woke up was everywhere inviting him. “Then I’ll be gentle.” The long drought meets the rain!

Endless charm, urges the blossoming of peach blossoms.

Finally, Zheng Ling was exhausted and nestled in his arms, Jacob gently tidyed Zheng Ling’s sweaty hair, “Are you tired?”

Zheng Ling covered her face with her hands, so shy that she didn’t want to discuss this with him problem.

Jacob smiled peacefully.

As if to reward her for her tenderness and considerateness, Jacob suddenly proposed: “May you make a wish, and I will help you realize it.”

Zheng Ling looked at Jacob in surprise, “Really?”

Jacob looked at Jacob with surprise. Han Jue said: “When did Brother Jue fool you?”

“I want to buy a mobile phone.”

Zhan Han Juejun’s face was petrified.

“Do you have to think about it?” Jacob reminded her seriously.

Zheng Ling said coquettishly: “Husband, I miss the children. You said, how do they live without us?”

Jacob had always restrained himself from thinking about the people and affairs of the imperial capital, but Zheng Ling suddenly mentioned and the child, that is also the person he cares most about. Missing for an instant is like the tide of a bank bursting, flooding into disaster.

“Tomorrow we will buy a mobile phone.”

“Yeah.” The

Imperial Capital.

The spring studies in major middle and elementary schools have ended and entered the summer vacation stage.

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