Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1688

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Chapter 1688

And now, Ouyang Feifei and Wan Lishi left the Washington Pharmaceuticals, but their faces were gloomy.

Especially Ouyang Feifei, the resentment in her eyes is lingering, full of viciousness and cruelty, she can’t wait to break Lin Fan’s body into pieces at this time.

Immediately, Ouyang Feifei stood still, and then said coldly:

“Sister Li, I can’t just leave it!”

When did Ouyang Feifei suffer such a loss?

Today, she will never let it go!


Wan Lishi glanced back at her, and said angrily:

“Forget it, what can I do?”

“That’s Zhang Jianjun, Can we afford it?”

But Ouyang Feifei snorted frantically:

“What about Zhang Jianjun, as he dares to embarrass me boldly? My tens of millions of fans drowned him with one mouthful of saliva!”

Wan Lishi suddenly changed her expression and looked at Ouyang Feifei in amazement:

“What do you mean…”

Ouyang Feifei laughed slyly, and said sinisterly:

“I plan to use my fans to let them condemn DC Pharmaceuticals, This matter is completely upset!”

“It’s so big that even Zhang Jianjun doesn’t dare to act rashly. Isn’t this also a great opportunity to raise your profile?”

Hear the words!

Wan Lishi was also moved, but she said anxiously:

“This… won’t be a problem, right?”

“What can be there? The question, although it was my first hand, is there a monitor in that place? Who knows who started the hand first?”

Ouyang Feifei said sinisterly:

“At that time, I pretended to be pitiful on the screen and shed a few tears. Then those dicks on the Internet will definitely speak for me.”

“They are so cheating, they will definitely be fooled! At that time, public opinion will be on us. Here, even if Zhang Jianjun hates us deeply, he dare not do anything to us!”

This woman’s vicious heart and cunningness are extremely rare!


When Wan Lishi heard this, she was also very excited, and snorted coldly:

“Then do what you said! That Zhang Jianjun dared to prevent us from coming to stage in public. You can’t just leave it alone!”

“If you operate like this, their Washington Pharmaceuticals will have to lose at least a few billion. When I see, they can still be as ignorant as they are today. !”

The two hit it off quickly, and both plan to start with Washington Pharmaceuticals.

This is more than that!

Ouyang Feifei thought of the hateful Lin Fan, her eyes were bitter:

“There is also the dead and poor ghost who beat me, and I can’t let it go. You’ll find it later. A few people, let him do it!”

“I want him to die!!!”


And about two hours later, a private helicopter landed on the apron of Washington Pharmaceuticals. Zhang Yichen, wearing sportswear and facing the sky, walked off the plane.

In an instant!

All the employees of DC Pharmaceuticals were dumbfounded and looked at Zhang Yichen in disbelief:

“That is the Queen of Heaven, Zhang Yichen? Oh my God! Why did she come to our group?”

“Wow, it’s so beautiful! No makeup, wearing sportswear, this temperament is so touching, you really deserve to be a sister in the entertainment industry!”

“This skin, tusk , It’s better than I use skin care products. This is the so-called natural beauty, right?”

At the moment, all the employees are crazy and rush towards Zhang Yichen, but they are stopped by Zhang Yichen’s bodyguards. It’s impossible to get close outside.

Zhang Yichen bowed to them apologetically, and said in a sweet voice:

“Thank you for your love for me, but now I have something to do, so I can’t give it to you. Sign, after I’m done, I will hold an autograph session in your group, do you think it’s okay?”


At this moment, everyone present felt dizzy and almost fascinated by Zhang Yichen.

And now!

In order to solve the big trouble this time, Xu Yourong had a meeting with all the senior officials, but after several hours of discussion, there was no way to find a solution.

However, right now!

Xu Yourong’s secretary, however, rushed in anxiously, panting and saying:
“Supervisor, that…that she is here!”

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