Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1690

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Chapter 1690

Xu Yourong sat back on the chair, her brain blank.

Isn’t that guy pretending to be forced?

But just rely on him, why is there such an ability?

Please move an international superstar, this is so…

Xu Yourong has the urge to scold her!

Did she really miss her, that guy is not as bad as she thought?

And at this time, seeing everyone slumped, Zhang Yichen was even more puzzled:

“Where is Lin Fanren? Aren’t you here?”

The expressions of Xu Yourong and others are too embarrassing. Why is she embarrassed to tell Zhang Yichen that Lin Fan has let them go?

If that’s the case, I’m afraid Zhang Yichen will turn around and leave, right?

Everyone has a wry smile. They really don’t know Taishan.

Lin Fan hit them in the face severely!

“Well, Mr. Lin has left beforehand. He estimates that he will come tomorrow!”

Xu Yourong said with an embarrassed face. At this time, she should be the one who feels the most pain in her face. Up.

Because she insulted Lin Fan the most and even killed Lin Fan in one bite, it was impossible to invite Zhang Yichen.

What about the result?

This guy really did what he said!

Xu Yourong even wanted to find a hole to drill at this time. Maybe Lin Fan just called her an idiot in his heart?

“Then I will wait for him to sign before signing!”

Zhang Yichen said this lightly, then turned around and wanted to leave.

Her complexion has become unsightly!

Apparently she also realized that these people must have offended Lin Fan, and that they offended Lin Fan, there is no need to talk about this cooperation.

Seeing Zhang Yichen said that when she changed her face, she changed her face. Xu Yourong and others also realized that something was wrong.

Zhang Yichen should have noticed that they had driven Lin Fan away.

But what they didn’t expect was that Lin Fan’s position in Zhang Yichen’s heart was so important, so that Zhang Yichen, who was smiling sweetly the previous second, was as cold as frost in the next second.

This turning face is faster than turning a book!

And how could Xu Yourong let go of this hard-won opportunity, walked up in a panic, and said earnestly:

“Miss Zhang, in fact, Lin Fan is not here, so are we? You can sign a contract!”


For her kindness, Zhang Yichen just gave her a cold look:

“Lin Fan is not here, I won’t sign a contract!”


With a cold face, she strode out of the meeting room!

Xu Yourong and others are left behind, completely messed up!

“That Lin Fan actually found Zhang Yichen, who is he?”

“Xu Yourong, we have to find him back. If there is no him, Zhang Yichen He won’t cooperate with us. Now that you know him, it’s up to you to come forward!”

Hear the words!

Xu Yourong frowned suddenly and asked her to go to Lin Fan. Wouldn’t it mean that she should slap her in the face?

After all, she just humiliated Lin Fan just now, so she invited him again at this time, wouldn’t she have to admit her mistake?

“Xu Yourong, this project group is entrusted to you. That is to believe in your ability. I don’t think you want to let the group’s efforts in vain, right?”

“I also know that what my colleagues are saying is the truth.”

At the moment, she is unwilling to say:
“Okay, I’ll go to Lin Fan!”

That night!

After Lin Fan finished his work, he returned to the hotel and saw Xu Yourong talking with Bai Yi.

At the moment, Lin Fan frowned, and he didn’t like this woman in his heart.

At this time, when Lin Fan came back, Bai Yi’s face was not quite right, but she was a bit wronged and angry.

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly twitched, what is this woman Xu Yourong doing?


Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan angrily, and asked:

“Lin Fan, are you familiar with Zhang Yichen?”

Lin Fan was first Frozen, then smiled and said:

“It’s just some friendship!”


As soon as Lin Fan’s voice fell, Xu Yourong sneered:

“It’s just some friendship? I don’t think it’s necessary? People said, unless you are there, she absolutely If you don’t sign a contract, I think it’s not as simple as some friendships with him, right?”

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