Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1709

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Chapter 1709

And this moment!

Li Xunran’s face instantly darkened.


Wang Gamei is definitely deliberate!

At this time, telling the fact that Lin Fan is married is to embarrass her!

At this time, Lin Fan also had a killing opportunity in his eyes.

It seems that Wang Gamei has really investigated him!

And he does not like others to investigate his background.

The second aunt hurriedly asked Wang Gamei:

“Little Wang, what is going on, you can make it clear!”

Wang Gamei Pretending to be painful:

“This man’s name is Lin Fan. He is a son-in-law. He has always depended on his wife to support him. If it is awkward, he is a soft food.”
He never thought that Xunran would have a relationship with him. Such a man is a scumbag, alas!”


Everyone is in an uproar again, the anger of the Li family lies. This moment was pushed to the climax.

Even if you have a husband, you are still a son-in-law?

Li Xunran cheated on such a thing before marriage, if it is spread out, then their Li family will become the laughing stock of the entire China!

“Dad, did you see it? This is the future successor you carefully cultivated!”
“If the Li family falls into her hands, I think it will not be far from destruction!”

Said the second aunt in a weird manner.

Not only her, but the second uncle also stood up and said:

“Dad, you spoiled this girl when you were a kid. You see what she did, she actually gave A little white face as a junior, what is this not mean?”

“For selfish desires and stubborn family interests, what qualifications does this kind of person have to be the head of the Li family?”

“According to me Look, just kick her out of the Li family, so as not to let such a slut ruin my Li family’s reputation!”

A hostile curse continued to resound.

Everyone has only one idea, and that is to force Li Xunran out of Li’s house and go out completely.

They didn’t have this opportunity before, but now it’s different. Li Xunran, a fool, has cheated on a married woman, and even embarrassed the family because of it.

In this situation, what face does she have to stay in Li’s house?

And see it!

Wang Gamei smiled unkindly, seeming to have seen Li Xunran’s tragic end.

As long as Li Xunran is kicked out of the Li family, he has a hundred ways to make Li Xunran better than dead.

Should he cuckold Wang Gamei?


“I want you to die!”

And just now!

That Wang Family Patriarch Wang Shan couldn’t help looking at Old Man Li, and said with a cold face:

“Uncle Li, it stands to reason that this marriage contract was made by you and my father, and I am not qualified to intervene.”

“But your granddaughter is so unruly, even if you cheat before marriage, still cheating on such a useless rubbish, if you marry her in the door, I can’t just see your Li family’s reputation damaged, and our Wang family will become a laughing stock.”

“Well, you Li family will get married again. What do you think of choosing a clean and self-contained person to replace Li Xunran to marry Wang Gamei?”

Wen Yan!

Old man Li’s face is just as ugly as it is.

Wang family, this is obviously pushing the palace!

If he does not agree to this request of the Wang family, then the marriage between the two will end, and it may even become an enemy because of this.

But Li Xunran is the heir he cultivated, and now he is ruined if she is ruined. How can he be willing?

At the moment, Mr. Li stared sharply at Li Xunran:

“Li Xunran, what else do you have to say?”

He wants to give Li Xunran one last chance, and hope that Li Xunran can give a reasonable explanation for his impulse, so as to convince the family!


Li Xunran still looked indifferent, and said:

“Grandpa, please believe me, the man I selected by Li Xunran can’t be the general generation!”
The death will not change!

Old man Li’s eyes were instantly gushing with anger!

Now that things happened, Li Xunran didn’t even think about repentance, but was still arrogant?

The identity of your man has already been investigated, and at this moment you are still stiff-mouthed?

Elder Li was completely disappointed with Li Xunran at this time.

The women’s college is not staying!

Li Xunran may really not be suitable to be the head of the Li family!

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