Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1722

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Chapter 1722

“Patriarch Lin? Hey! Talk, Patriarch Lin!”

Patriarch Wang roared hysterically, at this time, there was crying in his voice.

“Dad, what should we do? What should we do?”

Wang Gamei was also shocked, grabbing his father’s hand, and asked in tears. .

He has realized that Lin Hongtu has abandoned them!


Because of this man named Lin Fan, the Lin family can’t afford to offend him!

“It’s okay, nothing will happen! Patriarch Lin, you must have pressed the wrong one! I will call again, and I will call it again!”

Patriarch Wang’s face paled and kept going Repeated that it was okay, and then kept calling Lin Hongtu.

But because of trembling hands, I pressed the wrong number several times!

Finally dialed, but there was a voice that made them desperate!

“Hello, the call you dialed is turned off…”

It is turned off!

Lin Hongtu was completely planning to abandon them, because he knew that he couldn’t offend Lin Fan, nor could he save Wang Boyi and his son, so he didn’t even want to face him.

Shut down directly, as if nothing happened!

Oh my god!

What kind of existence is it that can make Lin Hongtu and other super overlords humiliate now?

The more he fought, the more desperate he got. Every time there was a warning sound to shut down, the Wang Family Patriarch was already shaking uncontrollably at this time.

“No need to call, even if you press the phone to burst, he won’t answer your call.”

Lin Fan sneered, watching like a cat catching a mouse Lin Fan.


Patriarch Wang was completely paralyzed, and looked at Lin Fan with horror:

“Let us go, as long as you let us go, You can let me do anything!”

He was completely desperate, so he could only kneel in front of Lin Fan, begging for forgiveness.


Lin Fan sneered and said:

“Just now, you should have let me leave, didn’t you?”

One sentence has already explained Lin Fan’s attitude.

Then, Lin Fan looked at Xu Longxiang:

“Old Xu, don’t you mind doing me a good tail job?”

Xu Longxiang smiled slightly, Said:

“I am so happy!”

Wang Boyi and his son suddenly stiffened, and at this time their intestines were blue with regret.

Lin Fan was right. They should have let Lin Fan go just now. If they let Lin Fan go, where are these messy things?


They are completely finished!

It was Wang Gamei’s damn idiot, who had to be brave for a while, and finally made the situation like this one is today.

The most damn thing at this time should be Wang Gamei!

And Lin Fan turned his head to look at Li Xunran:

“Now we can go!”

Li Xunran smiled bitterly, looking Xiang Lin Fan:

“Is it necessary?”

She is very grateful for what Lin Fan did for her, which earned her face and let everyone know that she abandoned Wang Game It was the right decision.

But at the moment all of this, she feels that it is not important anymore, because the Li family has abandoned her.

Lin Fan shrugged, and said indifferently:

“I don’t know, but I’m happy to see them upset!”

Then, He stretched out his hand and took Li Xunran’s hand:

“Let’s go, my dear!”

Li Xunran blushed and nodded without making a sound. Let Lin Fan take her away from Li’s house.

But at this moment, Old Man Li rushed forward and stopped in front of them all at once, and said with a big smile:

“Good grandson-in-law, you where are you going? This is how I left when I just came here, I haven’t eaten this meal yet, let’s go after eating! “

Even the Lin family is afraid of existence, such an excellent young man People, how can they easily let him go?

This is a great opportunity!

Even if he loses his old face, Mr. Li has to try it!

But Lin Fan glanced at him indifferently, and said in a weird manner:

“I think you should have misunderstood. I am a little white face who eats soft food. How can I be qualified to be your grandson-in-law? “

“I can’t afford it!”

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