Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1729

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Chapter 1729


How could Zhu Qianlong let Lin Hongtu meet his father?

Immediately, a touch of ridicule appeared in his eyes:

“Patriarch Lin, I think you heard it just now. Mr. Yao is now having a very happy conversation with my father, so I don’t want to be disturbed!”

“I think you’ll have another day! Please come back!”


All the bigwigs changed their expressions. They underestimated the toughness of the Zhu family.

With so many people coming to visit, the Zhu family avoided seeing them. Instead, they were ordered to evict them.

This is clear, even if they don’t give them face, Mr. Yao should stay at Zhu’s house!

Today’s matter, he is afraid it will be difficult to end!

In an instant!

Lin Hongtu’s face also became unsightly. I’m afraid that the old fox from Zhu Yuan Dynasty also had a keen interest in the new vaccine, so he was so determined.

The vaccine must not fall into their hands, otherwise one day the Zhu family will surely resurrect, and by that time their Lin family will be in complete disaster.

The most important thing is that Lin Fan is still watching, Haikou has already praised, if Yao Lao cannot be saved at this time.

Isn’t that a joke to Lin Fan, a little beast?

At the moment, Lin Hongtu said solemnly:

“Zhu Qianlong, is your Zhu family really going to force us to make things happen? If the outside world knows, your Zhu family has kidnapped the respected Yao Lao, I think even you guys will still have trouble eating!”

But Zhu Qianlong sneered!

“Lin Patriarch, I will say it last time, we did not kidnap! We just invited Yao Lao to be a guest. If you dare to maliciously slander, our Zhu family will also take corresponding measures for your own reputation! “


Lin Hongtu suddenly became angry.

And Lin Zhanli was also extremely annoyed and screamed:

“Dad, what nonsense with him, just rush!”


Zhu Qianlong’s expression suddenly became gloomy, and then he sternly said:

“You can try!”

The voice just fell off!


A series of masked black shadows appeared in the field one after another, and all of them appeared to be murderous!

Obviously it is broad daylight, but these people give them an extremely gloomy feeling, like a ghost from hell.

Hidden Dragon Kill!

An alliance of assassins that has been with the Zhu family for centuries!

The moment they saw them, the big guys suddenly felt weak, because they all knew that these people in front of them really dared to kill.

They are the dead members of the Zhu family. As long as the Zhu family gives an order, even if it is for them to kill their biological parents, wives and children, they will not blink their eyes.

At the moment, Lin Hongtu’s face has also become unsightly, he knows that today there is no way to force it.

“It turns out that your Lin family is nothing more than that!”

Just when Lin Hongtu was annoyed by it, Lin Fan’s laughter came from his ear.


Lin Hongtu immediately stared at Lin Fan murderously:

“What are you, do you have a place for you to speak?”

“If you have the ability, you come!”

This guy is just a slapstick!

If he has the ability to rescue Yao Lao, he doesn’t need to stand stupidly here!


Lin Fan smiled, and then said:

“I will come!” said, he was speaking to Li Xunran on the side Said:

“Do you have paper and pen?”

Li Xunran gave Lin Fan a puzzled look, not knowing what he wanted to do:

“Yes Pen, but no paper!”

“Then take the materials on the spot!”

Lin Fan tore off a piece of clothing from his body, and then wrote something on it.

Immediately afterwards, he took it to Zhu Qianlong, and said:

“Give this to Zhu Yuanchao, he will know what to do!”



And his behavior immediately made Lin Zhanli burst into laughter.

“Lin Fan, do you have a brain? So many of our big guys have nothing to do here, you can write a few words to let Zhu Yuanchao release people, who do you think you are?”

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