Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1741

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Chapter 1741

As a grandfather, he indulges his grandson to fight for his grandson’s woman, which makes Lin Fan feel that this family is extremely disgusting!

It’s a wrong choice to come here to recognize your relatives!

This allowed him to see the disgusting faces of the Song family in front of him.

At this time, Song Jingteng grinned and said:

“Lin Fan, even if you don’t agree, I’m going to have fun with this beautiful girl today. If you don’t want to If you die, get out of it yourself.”

At the same time!

Song Yuerong also looked at Lin Fan, pretending to be dignified:

“Lin Fan, just a woman, it’s not a big deal, let your brother play for a few days, and then give you send it back.”

These words are extremely shameless!

It is like Bai Yi is a piece of cargo, a cargo that can be abused by others.
At this moment, Lin Fan’s expression was completely gloomy, and a murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

“If you want my woman, you can try it!”

“But only if you can bear the consequences!”

Since he has been with Song the family has nothing to do with him, so he will not show mercy to the Song family.


The Song family’s expression changed, and then all of them showed contempt, and all laughed contemptuously, as if they heard a big joke.

A door-to-door son-in-law dare to slap in front of their Song family?

Is it worth?

If you play with your wife, you will play with your wife. What can you do?
A wild species wants to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix, so he has to teach him a lesson.

“So, are you not going to give me this cousin this face?”

Song Jingteng grinned and looked at Song Yuerong, seeming to be asking Song Yuerong’s opinion. .

Song Yuerong hesitated for a moment, and then said with a cold face:

“Hurry up, don’t delay meeting the genius Doctor Lin!”

Continue to indulge!
When Lin Fan heard this, he sneered completely:

“You don’t have to wait anymore, the genius doctor Lin will not come.”

It was the surprise he gave to the Song family, but after thinking about it, it seemed unnecessary.

This basin of cold water was poured on the top of the Song family’s heads, and their faces suddenly became angry.

Today is the day of their Song family’s great rejoicing, but Lin Fan actually dared to pour cold water on them?

Looking for death!

Everyone immediately became angry and stared at Lin Fan angrily, the look of Lin Fan’s corpse to pieces, extremely hideous.

“This kid dares to curse our Song family, and must not spare him lightly and break his legs!”

“A wild species dares to be so arrogant, I think he is turning its going to happen!”

“Sure enough, wild species is wild species, and his shameless mother is the same virtue!”

The audience is boiling!

Everyone stared at Lin Fan angrily, as if they were about to eat him.

Song Yuerong was also angry, staring at Lin Fan and said:

“Lin Fan, what are you talking nonsense!”

Will the genius doctor Lin come?

What kind of thing are you, you said that the great doctor Lin would not come if he didn’t come?

Hearing Lin Fan’s nonsense and touching his brow, Song Yuerong felt furious. He should be thankful for letting Lin Fan come into this house.

Now instead of being grateful at all, they are still uttering wild words. Are they deliberately insulting their Song family?


Lin Fan, who heard this, smiled coldly:

“I didn’t talk nonsense, because of what you did to us, Lin Fan will not come today.”


Everyone changed their expressions and looked at Lin Fan in amazement.

Is this guy serious?

Song Jingteng burst into laughter directly:

“Hahaha, you mean that because we humiliated you, so the genius doctor Lin has disappeared from us?”

“Lin Fan, what are you?”

Everyone also thinks that Lin Fan is a big joke, a little white face who can’t even support himself and wants to eat soft rice.

Eligible to know Doctor Lin?

What about a liar?

Seeing Lin Fan’s nonsense, Song Yuerong was also completely angry:

“Dog stuff, if you don’t tell me why you came today, don’t want to leave alive. Song family!”

Hear the words!

Including Song Jingteng, all the Song family members looked at Lin Fan with a sneer.

It’s like looking at a dead person.

And Lin Fan strode forward, arrogantly and arrogantly said:

“Because I am the genius doctor Lin!”

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