Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1744

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Chapter 1744

Hear the words!

Winked at Zhang Jianjun, which allowed Zhang Jianjun to suppress his anger.

And the Song family who saw this place laughed heartily, thinking that Zhang Jianjun was saying that Lin Fan deserved to die.

Song Yuerong quickly pleased and said:

“Zhang Bu, don’t be angry. I have decided to teach this eye-opening dog severely after hosting the genius Doctor Lin.”


Zhang Jianjun sneered twice. , Yin and yang said strangely:

“I’m afraid, your Song family doesn’t have this chance?” After finishing

, he ignored the Song family’s reaction and left directly.

“Dad, what does Zhang Bu mean?” Song Xiyue asked inexplicably.

Song Yuerong also frowned. After thinking about it for a while, he said:

“The meaning of Zhang Bu must be that Doctor Lin will clean up this wild species himself, so our Song family has no chance.”

So that’s it!

The Song family suddenly realized that they were relieved.

Then the eyes that looked at Lin Fan became more and more contemptuous and ridiculed.

And just then, a group of people walked in.

“Old man Song, what can I do to call us in such a hurry?”

“Yes, can’t I talk about something on the phone? We have to run and try to be exhausted how many old bones of us?”

These are Song Yuerong’s old friends, and they are quite powerful in the old city.

Song Yuerong’s purpose for calling them is very simple. It is to show off their power, let them know that the Song family is favored by the genius doctor Lin, take the opportunity to suppress them, and even incorporate them in the future.

“The old man Song is so majestic. A phone call brought us all together. It won’t work if we don’t come.”

“Why, are you planning to announce that your Song family will be in charge of the old city in the future?”

A fat man sneered.

Seeing him, Song Yuerong suddenly became angry. This is the Zhang family’s advocate for Heng, and they have never dealt with the Song family. There have been many large and small frictions, and people have died.

Song Yuerong summoned all the forces in the old city this time, the most important thing was to suppress the Zhang family.

“Oh, the dragon chairs are all ready, it seems that your Song family is really planning to have a single family?”

Zhang Heng sneered, staring at the Song A chair specially prepared by the home for the genius doctor Lin.

Seeing the dragon chair, the expression of the old Patriarch present also changed. Is it possible that Song Yuerong, an old thing, really intends to become emperor by himself?

Song Yuerong smiled and said:
“This chair is not for me, but for the genius doctor Lin!”


These words were almost like a bolt from the blue, causing everyone present to take a breath.

Those old patrons were already scared, and couldn’t believe their ears at this time.

Lin genius doctor?

He is the newest chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals today?

Song Yuerong invited him this time?

Oh my god!

They never dreamed that the little Song family would be able to make friends with the genius doctor Lin?

“Old Song, do you really know the great doctor Lin?”

An old Patriarch asked excitedly, even his eyes were about to come out.

“Of course, our Song family has won the favor of the genius doctor Lin, and the future will surely become so proud!”

Song Yuerong said triumphantly, while condescendingly looked at the few big men present:
“And in a while, the great doctor Lin will arrive at our Song’s house!” Upon hearing this, Zhang Heng’s face changed completely, and his eyes were full of panic.

If the Song family really went to the genius doctor Lin, it would undoubtedly be bad news for him!

He can even make his Zhang family desperate!

With the grievances of their two families, Song Yuerong will definitely not let them go.

“Impossible! Your Song family is only a few kilograms, what qualifications do you have to know the doctor Lin?”

Zhang Heng immediately retorted angrily:

“Song Yuerong, Shouldn’t this be your trick to fool us? Do you think this will unify the entire old town? I, Zhang Heng, can’t be fooled by you!”

But Song Yuerong smiled contemptuously and pointed Zhang Jianjun not far away said:

“Look carefully, who is sitting over there?”

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