Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1746

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Chapter 1746

Originally wanted to clean up Lin Fan after the banquet was over, but this wild species was repeatedly disrupting the situation, which completely angered Song Yuerong and made Song Yuerong have to kill him.

At this time, Zhang Heng also seemed to have seen hope, and asked Lin Fan:

“Brother, why do you say that?”
Everyone’s eyes also focused on Lin Fan.

Before Lin Fan could speak, Song Yuerong sneered first:

“Because of this idiot, he is said to be Lin’s genius doctor.”

What the hell?

Several Patriarchs looked at Lin Fan seriously for a while, then shook their heads disdainfully.

Obviously, they all felt impossible.

Master Lin, how could he be so young?

One more thing, it’s impossible for Dr. Lin to be so imposing, right? This is going in and out, so you can’t have a dozen bodyguards by your side?

“Everyone, let me introduce to you, this person is called Lin Fan, and he is my nephew!”

” That is the shame of my Song family back then, that bitch Song Yao was unmarried The wild species, who was born first, is currently unemployed and has a little white face who is supported by women. Do you think such a person may be a genius doctor Lin?”

“Young man, Yelang is arrogant and insults himself!”
“The genius doctor Lin dare to pretend, I think you are tired and crooked?”

“The genius doctor Lin is a famous Chinese genius doctor, with a reputation. You are what you dare to pretend. Genius Doctor Lin? It’s a laugh!”

Everyone suddenly despised.

“Zhu Family Patriarch, Wang Youcai is here!”

“Dragon Tooth Legion leader, Xu Longxiang is here!”

Just now!

Two shouts broke the situation!

Wang Youcai?

Xu Longxiang?

Oh my god!

They should not have auditory hallucinations!

These two are the existences they only deserve to look up to, but at this time they appeared in the Song family?

This is incredible, right?

Everyone was stunned.

This is the Song family, it has jumped over the dragon gate!

Song Yuerong trembled like sifting chaff, his face was full of ecstasy, and said in disbelief:

“Patriarch Zhu and leader of Longya have come to my Song house. After today, in the entire imperial capital, who else would dare to look down upon my Song family?”

Song Jingteng, Song Xiyue and other Song family members roared in unison, their faces couldn’t help but excitement.

They seem to have seen the scene of standing on top of the peak.

The excitement is unimaginable!

“Dad, this is God blessing my Song family. From today on, our Song family will reach the top!”

“Grandpa, have you seen it? This is the first time. When we met, the genius Doctor Lin gave us such a generous gift to the Song family. How important is our Song family. In the future, we must not let the genius Doctor Lin disappoint!”

But they don’t know, they have already the genius doctor Lin was completely disappointed.

Song Yuerong nodded heavily, his face flushed with excitement:

“You are right, in the future we must repay the genius Doctor Lin well and live up to his gift of knowledge and encounters today.”

“Okay, ignore this useless trash, come with me to meet those big guys first!”

And then!

Song Yuerong will lead a group of people walked toward the door.

The people present all cast awe at the Song family, and they were also very jealous that they had such a great opportunity, so that the great doctor Lin would like it.

Even big men like Wang Youcai and Xu Long were invited to visit, and the Song family will definitely become the most famous top giant in the imperial capital.

At this time, Bai Yi was upset, and she could also see the great importance Lin doctor attached to the Song family.

This is very unfavorable for them.

“Don’t be afraid.”

But Lin Fan still looks like an okay person, patted Bai Yi’s hand, and comforted:
“Look carefully, you will know who I am soon!”

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