Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1750

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Chapter 1750

Lin Fan looked at these people in front of him, but his expression was indifferent, with an extreme indifference on his face:

“No, the Song family doesn’t look down on us, so today’s visit is over, let’s go!”

Can’t look down on us?

Several big men were startled, and then a horrified murderous intent suddenly appeared on their faces.

Staring at Song Yuerong and the others coldly, and being stared at by them like this, everyone suddenly felt a sense of splitting their nerves.

They all know that it is impossible to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix, and after today, I am afraid that no one will dare to cooperate with their Song family again.


Song Yuerong directly vomited a mouthful of blood, only feeling that he had never regretted it like this in his life.

Then, with a hot mind, he fell backwards and passed out completely.

It’s not just him!

Song Jingteng and Song Xiyue were also paralyzed in fright. At this time, they had no idea how to describe their feelings.

And seeing Lin Fan, leading a group of big guys to leave, Song Xiyue finally couldn’t help but yelled:

“Lin Fan! You listen to me to explain!”
Lin Fan turned his head and said coldly:

“If you plan to apologize, then you don’t have to.”

Because of Lin Fan, it’s no longer possible. Forgive them.

And hearing this, Song Xiyue smiled bitterly:

“I know what I say now, it’s useless!”

“But I hope you I understand that at the time our Song family was not so unfeeling, and once wanted to find you back!”

“It was the Lin family, who stopped us, and even threatened us. If we dare to take you in, let us Song family you must not die!”

“Our Song family, in order to protect ourselves, have to separate from you, I hope you can understand!”


Lin Fan frowned and said coldly:

“Go on!”

Song Xiyue hesitated for a while, then continued:

“The Lin family has been keeping you it was a shame to be with your mother, and you were not allowed to visit when you were alive, because the Lin family regarded themselves as noble and superior, and ordinary people like us were not qualified to associate with them.”

“You after my mother was pregnant with you, our Song family dared not offend the Lin family. Under their persecution, we could only ask your mother to knock you off. Your mother loves you too much, so I would rather run away alone than you would. Kill you.”

“Later, after your mother died, they also ordered us not to contact you. If we dare to disobey, we will annihilate our Song family. These things are useless even if I lie. With your current ability, as long as you deliberately check it, you can definitely find it!”

The Lin family, it’s the Lin family again!

Lin Fan trembled all over, with raging anger in his eyes, wishing to smash the Lin family into pieces!

Damn the Lin family!

They should be broken into pieces!

“What I said is not to let you forgive our Song family, but to hope you don’t let the Lin family go!”

Ha ha!

“Lin family, I will naturally not let it go, otherwise you think who caused the recent changes in the Lin family?”

Lin Fan coldly snorted, and then turned towards Leaving outside the door:

“I swear in my mother’s name that the Lin family…will die!!!”

And heard what Lin Fan said!

Song Xiyue and others are completely confused!
It turns out that the Lin Family has been under siege recently, all because of Lin Fan, and it is Lin Fan who is taking revenge on the Lin Family.

This young man was able to completely mutilate the big Lin family as soon as he shot it. How terrible is this?

No wonder, even the Lin Zuo and the King of the Blood Prison have to give him face, send his own fierce future to help Lin Fan!

The ability of this young man in front of them is simply not what they can imagine.

At the moment, his face is full of bitterness, and he sighs up to the sky:

“Yaoyao, you are right, the Lin family is wrong! The Song family is wrong! All of us are wrong!”

“You are not pregnant with wild species, but a real dragon of destiny!”

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