Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1758

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Chapter 1758

Lin Fan is like a wild lion roaring. He wants to know who did these things, who dares to dig his ancestral grave so boldly.


Zhang Jianjun just fell on the ground, his face was pale:

“If you return, we don’t know who did it. But there is a letter on it I think it should be for you.”

Lin Fan quickly opened the envelope and saw a series of short words left on it:

To give you a copy Great gift, thank you for your attention to the Lin family during this time.

The signature is: Lin Zongrui!

Zhang Jianjun came over, and after taking a look at the name, he suddenly said in astonishment: “This Lin Zongrui is Lin Zhanyu’s son, very young Lin Zhanli was sent to study in the U.S. and never came back!”

“Lin Zhanli’s son?”

Lin Fan gritted his teeth. Lin Zhanli had tortured his mother during his lifetime, and his son even dared to humiliate his mother like this.


“Find him for me, I will smash him into pieces!”

Lin Fan was furious, almost crazy Looks like.

And at this time, the Lin family!

The three grandpas and grandchildren greeted the wine, and their faces were full of joy.

“You did you really plan the grave of that bitch Song Yao?”

Lin Zhanxi asked Lin Zongrui.

Lin Zongrui is a delicate young man, how similar is Lin Fan’s appearance? The points are similar, but the temperament is more feminine.

Looks like a poisonous snake, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling.

Lin Zongrui sneered:
“The slut made our Lin family humiliated while he was alive. Her son did so many things after he died. What happened to me digging her grave? I just wanted her to be uneasy even in death. “

“Also, I also want to let the wild species of Lin Fan know that what he will face next is me, Lin Zongrui!”

“Hahaha, well, as expected to be my grandson of Lin Hongtu, so domineering!”

Lin Hongtu gave Lin Zongrui a thumbs up and praised:

“It seems that sending you to study abroad was a correct decision.”

“It turns out that you are the Lin family, the most underestimated person, and the future Lin family will rely on you to support it.”
And I heard it!

Lin Zongrui was also overjoyed, and excitedly bowed his hands at Lin Hongtu:

“Grandpa rest assured, I will live up to expectations and lead the Lin family to flourish.”
Then, Lin Zongrui looked at Lin Zhanli and sneered:

“Dad, are you afraid?”


Lin Zhanli suddenly looked contemptuous, and said:

“My son is the boss of the church branch, I need to be afraid of Lin Fan’s dog stuff?”
It turned out!

Lin Zongrui has become a high-ranking official in the church over the years.

The temple is a criminal organization in the United States, but it has an official background behind it. It sells arms on behalf of the government. It is now known as the largest arms dealer in the United States.

It is called the king of war in the outside world, and often clashes with the blood prison overseas.

The existence that can challenge the blood prison, you can imagine how terrible it is.

Because of this, Lin Zongrui dared not put Lin Fan in his eyes.

This time when he came back, Lin Zongrui was just to regroup and regain control of the Lin family!

And kill Lin Fan at the same time!

He is now a high-ranking church, killing a great master is easy.

And the dark hall he was in charge of was specifically responsible for assassinations.

“Next, what are you going to do?”

Lin Hongtu asked Lin Zongrui with a look of concern, apparently he couldn’t wait to remove Lin Fan’s thorny eye immediately.

Lin Zongrui sneered:

“I am best at assassination, so naturally I have to kill him with what I am good at.”

“But I I won’t let him die so easily. I will kill his family one by one, and then it’s his turn at the end!”

“Let him also taste the taste of losing a loved one!”

Lin Hongtu was overjoyed and held Lin Zongrui’s hand tightly:

“Good grandson, grandpa’s good grandson, here is the Lin family it’s up to you once, you must make that little beast not die!”

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