Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1769

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Chapter 1769

Without hesitation, he punched the opponent’s head with a slam dunk.


The latter’s head burst instantly.


A group of people was completely stunned, all wondering if they were dazzled.

A person died as soon as the Seven Original Sins appeared.

Are they dreaming?

How could this guy be so strong?

Even the mad god of blood hell doesn’t have such an ability, right?
Is crazy not only waits for people to go crazy, but even the seven original sins are also crazy!

They have never encountered a single trick. Spike their existence.

This humble boy in front of me has such a terrifying strength?

On Lin Zongrui’s side, the hearts of the grandparents who had just let go, were forced to hang on again at this time. Up.

Especially Lin Zongrui, he was ready to humiliate Lin Fan. As a result, Lin Fan killed one of the Seven Sins as soon as he shot it. This kind of terrifying power is too desperate.

But Lin Fan also ignored the shock of everyone, and said with a grin:

“Since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!”


Lin Fan stepped out with a fierce aura, culling like a scourge.

“Take Lin Zongrui away!”

One of the Seven Original Sins roared, they knew that this place shouldn’t stay long.

In addition to the blood prison mad god, there is also a terrifying man of unknown strength.

Makes them afraid to stay for a long time. They must run away at this time!

Otherwise, it will be a dead end!

However, the person just finished speaking, so was beheaded on the spot.

And the person who made the shot was the mad god of blood hell!

He smiled grinningly at the Seven Original Sins, and said unkindly:

“You should Doesn’t our blood hell exist?”

The seven original sins are desperate. There are wolves before and tigers behind.

Now that they have just shot, two people have died. How could they possibly win next?

“The intelligence is wrong, withdraw quickly!”

They we already know that today’s rescue opportunity has completely failed.

Lin Zongrui cannot be saved, and even if they continue to love the battle, they may also explain here.

The young man in front of him is the biggest threat. When did the blood prison have such a number one person, why didn’t they know?

And the blood prison mad god and others It’s just a sneer, these idiots of the seven original sins actually attacked the strongest king of the blood prison as soon as they came. This is simply seeking abuse on purpose, and death is not a pity.


The seven original sins come quickly, and they go quickly. All ran away in a blink of an eye.

He was stunned!

The Lin family were all stunned. The Seven Sins of Sins had just come, and they were scared away?

That was invincible across the European continent. The seven original sins, how can this be so special?


Lin Zongrui was completely frightened and paralyzed to the ground, his face was completely ashen.

As a high-level team in the temple, no one knows the strength of this small team better than him, and even they have given up on rescuing themselves.

Then he is really over!

“Is there any other means? If you have one, you can use it together, I’ll wait for you!”
Lin Fan looked at Lin Zongrui indifferently and said.

And his indifferent words that fell in Lin Zongrui’s ears were shocking to the world.

This is the real unparalleled domineering!

It is superficial and invincible!

It seems that everything in the world does not enter the eyes of Lin Fan.

“Nothing? Then you can go to death!”

Lin Fan said coldly, and then suddenly stepped forward!

After hearing a click, Lin Zongrui’s head burst open, instantly turning into a piece of fleshy flesh.

Died on the spot! The scene stunned everyone present.


Lin Hongtu wailed very sadly, because this was the last blood of their Lin family

But now Lin Zongrui is also dead, their Lin family is completely extinct!

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