Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1775

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Chapter 1775

It’s okay to watch Xu Yourong being insulted and indifferent, and even call his wife and let his wife come here to be humiliated. ?

Today, if she hadn’t come here early, no one could predict what would happen to Bai Yi!

At the moment, Lin Fan has already murdered Wang Zhijun!

And Wu Zhizhong also smiled gloomily:

“Soft rice king, listen carefully, I will be in front of you for a while and play with your wife. !”

“And with such a waste like you, nothing can be done!”

Wu Zhizhong is confident that he will eat Lin Fan.

In the imperial capital, he is heaven!
A little white face who eats soft rice dares to pretend to be in front of him, then he will die!

Upon hearing this, Xu Yourong’s face suddenly turned pale, and her delicate body kept shaking.

And then pushed Lin Fan:

“You…you go! Go! You! Before his people come, just go out and call the police for me. That’s it!”

But Lin Fan didn’t move, but gave Wu Zhizhong a cold look:

“Hehe, if you can do it, you can try it!”
Lin Fan, he has never been afraid of anyone!

Then, Lin Fan helped Xu Yourong up and asked in a soft voice:

“Can I go now?”

Xu Yourong sighed, with a sigh on her face. With a self-blaming expression:

“I’m sorry, it’s me! I killed you!”

If Lin Fan wasn’t trying to save her, he wouldn’t offend Wu Zhizhong. Even more will not end up like this.

Now Xu Yourong has finally made a difference to Lin Fan.

Although this guy is incompetent, at least he looks like a man and can stand up for a woman at critical moments.

Unlike Wang Zhijun, it is a complete waste.

“Come on! Fight me with this waste! I want a hero to save the beauty, I will make you a bear!”

Wu Zhizhong said viciously, and then a group of bodyguards was not He rushed towards Lin Fan with good intentions

“Wu Zhizhong, I warn you not to mess around. You also said that Dr. Lin will be here soon. If you dare to do something to me, you think Dr. Lin will make peace Are you cooperating?”
Xu Yourong scolded angrily, but he was stern, and at this time he held Lin Fan’s arm uneasy.

At this time, she could even come up with a clever plan to drive away tigers and devour wolves, which made Lin Fan a little bit better about this woman.

But at this time, Wu Zhizhong sneered:

“How about you scare the ghost, do you think the genius doctor Lin will fall out with me for your little employee? You are too high, too.” Estimate yourself?”

“Hahaha, I will invite Genius Doctor Lin to play with you soon, so that he should not be angry, right?”


Xu Yourong was irritated by Wu Zhizhong’s shamelessness, but she was also a little worried.

Wu Zhizhong was right. In his capacity, Master Lin would not necessarily offend a big man like Wu Zhizhong for being an ordinary supervisor.

But at this moment, an unsuitable voice sounded:

“Mr. Lin, I won’t cooperate with you! I promise you!”
Is this waste again?

Wu Zhizhong immediately looked at Lin Fan angrily. What qualifications does this soft rice eater have to speak for Lin Fan?

Is he the genius doctor Lin?

Even Xu Yourong looked at Lin Fan with a stunned expression, wondering why this guy is so confident.

Does Lin Fan know anything?

However, Lin Fan ignored everyone’s astonishment, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth!

Wu Zhizhong didn’t even know who he was, so he said he wanted to sleep with his wife?

Even more, dare to threaten him?

“Dog stuff, who are you scaring? Don’t tell me you are a trash, you will know such an existence as God Doctor Lin!”

Wu Zhizhong also looked at Lin Fan suspiciously. I was shocked by Lin Fan’s self-confidence.

This guy, don’t you really know the genius doctor Lin?

If that were the case, his fun today would have to be forced to end. After all, he is keener on making money than playing with women.

But Lin Fan smiled:

“I don’t know the great doctor Lin!”

At the same time, he added in his heart: Because I am Doctor Lin!

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