Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 178

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Chapter 178

Soon, the video was switched on, and the faces of a Chinese man and a western old man appeared in it.

“Hey!” The Chinese man in the video greeted:

“Curator Zhu, are you looking for me?”

This middle-aged Chinese man is the senior brother of Curator Zhu Qing. With his superb collection appraisal vision, he was selected by the Global Collection and recruited as the exclusive staff of the Global Collection.

In terms of eyesight, this middle-aged Chinese man is definitely above the curator Zhu Qing.

Hearing this, Curator Zhu Qing’s face suddenly showed a thick and enthusiastic smile, and then said:

“Brother, I have two works by Master Blood, and I need your help to appraise them!”


The words of Curator Zhu Qing instantly made the two people in the video stare.

Two works by Master Blood!

How can this be!

Everyone saw that in the video, the face of the middle-aged Chinese man suddenly became serious.

Then, to the western old man next to him, he introduced:

“Curator Zhu, let me introduce to you, this is the curator of our Global Collection-Mr. Robert!”


When this remark came out, Zhu Qing and everyone else were shocked.

Curator of the Global Collection!


He is a great collector of internationally renowned collections.

Right now, Zhu Qing’s heart started to beat wildly with excitement, his complexion flushed, and the smile on his face became even stronger, and said respectfully:

“Hello, Mr. Robert!”

“Hello, Mr. Zhu! Can I take a look at the two masterpieces of Master Blood that you said?” Unexpectedly, Robert’s Chinese is extremely fluent.

especially! It seems that he is not cold about Zhu Qing’s politeness, but has a keen interest in Blood’s works.

It’s more than that!

The old man Robert continued with a smile and said:

“Actually, I am a senior fan of Blood! Once, I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Blood, and I have been guided by him, so I heard that you have two treasures of him, I can’t wait to see them. “

Robert’s words are extremely humble.

And hearing this, Zhu Qing and others were envious.

Sure enough, he is an international boss. Even he has met Master Blood once!

But they don’t know!

After hearing Robert’s voice, Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly.

Actually he taught Chinese language to this old man !

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