Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1781

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Chapter 1781

On the way, Lin Fan received a report from the bloody mad god.

“Wang, the kid you asked me to check went straight to the Continental Hotel!”

Lin Fan sneered:

“It turned out to be true I went to Helan to announce it!”

“I see, I’m hanging up!”

Hung up, Xu Yourong looked at Lin Fan in horror:

“Are you really planning to kill Wu Zhizhong?”

Lin Fan glanced at her:

“Is there a problem?”

Yes Problem?

Xu Yourong suspected that she had auditory hallucinations. She looked at Lin Fan in disbelief:

“Are you sure that you are not mistaken? Do you know who He Lanxuan is? He is one of the four major army in China. , Wu Zhizhong went to him for help, don’t you run away?”

“You even came to the door to die in vain, did you let the door squeeze in your head?”

That is Lan Xuan!

In China, apart from the country’s lord, one of the most lofty people!

And he is still a master!

Even if Lin Fan is a great master, there is only one dead end when he meets him, so Lin Fan’s correct approach now is to hug his head and go as far as possible from Helan Xuan.

Otherwise, he would really be a dead end.

But Lin Fan was happy:

“Helan Xuan, what is there to be afraid of?”

“I Lin Fan wants to kill, there is no one I can keep it!”


Xu Yourong was annoyed by Lin Fan’s reckless words.

Then he looked at him with contempt.

This guy probably doesn’t know how stupid he is?

“The Continental Hotel is heavily guarded. It is a disguised military aircraft office, where even the waiters are agents. If you dare to break into the Dragon Lake and Tiger Lair alone, I think you are looking for death!”
“Lin Fan, listen to my advice. Let’s forget about this matter. Bai Yi and I are fine. Don’t lose our lives for a moment!”

“You have to know that Lan Xuan is not something people like us can offend. Even if you can really kill Wu Zhizhong and kill Lan Xuan, can you bear the anger from China? You are a death anyway, stop it!”

Xu Yourong didn’t want to watch Lin Fan lose his life in vain.

After all, he is still so young, even a few years younger than himself, Lin Fan has countless great prospects.

It would be a shame if he died now.

It’s not too late for a gentleman to avenge him for ten years, and he can stay in the green hills without worrying about burning wood.

Lin Fan glanced at her:

“Shut up! If you dare to talk again, I will throw you off the plane!”

Xu Yourong was angry. Qiqiao produces smoke, so a dog bites Lu Dongbin!

And Lin Fan just cast his gaze on the speeding vehicle below, with a smile on his lips.

Want to escape from my palm?

Wishful thinking!

“I, Lin Fan, who is going to kill, the king of heaven, Lao Tzu, can’t keep it!”


Below, Wu Zhizhong, who was sitting in the car, was smoking a cigarette continuously, with a gloomy and bitter expression.

He Wu Zhizhong has been in the imperial capital for so many years. He has never been the only one to bully others. Who dares to bully him?

Today, he even let an outsider shame his face, this matter absolutely can’t be forgotten otherwise he Wu Zhizhong would be embarrassed and embarrassed.

Wu Zhizhong had already made plans and contacted He Lanxuan, asking him to help clean up Lin Fan, an eyeless idiot.

Let him pay a painful price for his conceit!

However, right now!

A person said to Wu Zhizhong:

“Young Master, it’s not good! Master Lin, he drove a helicopter to catch up!”


Wu Zhizhong’s expression changed wildly, and a touch of horror suddenly appeared in his eyes, and then he turned his head hurriedly, through the rear window, he did watch a helicopter chasing him!

“Cheating! This is cheating!”

Wu Zhizhong was going crazy, his face instantly pale as paper.

The other party has such a capability, can he directly use a helicopter?

“Hurry up, hurry up! Be sure to arrive at the Continental Hotel before he intercepts us!”

He can survive only when he arrives at the Continental Hotel!

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