Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1784

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Chapter 1784

For an instant, everyone in the Continental Hotel broke into a cold sweat. , Looked at this terrifying young man in disbelief.

At this time, it was like a dream.

At this time, Li Yutang’s face was also particularly ugly. From Lin Fan’s shot, he could see that the young man in front of him couldn’t deal with it.

No wonder Lin Fan dared to run wild in the mainland hotel, Lin Fan did have such an ability.

“What did Wu Zhizhong do to make you have to kill him?”

Asked Li Yutang with an ugly face. Now he knows that the power of the Continental Hotel cannot stop this man. , He was a hundred times more terrifying than he thought.

Grandmaster Lin is definitely an outlier among the great masters, I’m afraid that if He Lanxuan doesn’t make a move, he won’t be able to help him.

At this time, only time can be delayed.

Lin Fan smiled:

“He wants to sleep with my wife, and he wants to cripple me. What do you say he did?”

“Do you think he should die?”

Li Yutang’s face was once again, Wu Zhizhong is still the same rebellious, often beating other people’s wives.

This time, he just provokes an existence that cannot be offended.

This is ground breaking on Tai Sui’s head, it’s all looking for death!

Sighed, and Li Yutang’s tone suddenly eased a lot:

As long as you let Wu Zhizhong go, you will be a friend of our mainland hotel from now on, and we owe you a day. Great favor.


Lin Fan was immediately amused:

“The hard ones are not good, are you coming for the soft ones now? It’s a pity that Lin Fan is soft and hard. If you don’t eat, Wu Zhizhong will die today. Whoever dares to stop me will have to die! “


Li Yutang’s face changed rapidly, and a strong anger appeared in his eyes.

Has already talked about this, the other party still refuses to give him face?

At the moment, Li Yutang roared:

“Then you will become a great enemy of my mainland hotel. Your friends, your family, and all people related to you will not die because of you!”


In the next instant, everyone saw that Lin Fan had appeared in front of Li Yutang, with murderous intent on his face.

Then a punch came out!

Without any nonsense, hit the killer directly!

Upon seeing this, Li Yutang’s pupils shrank fiercely, and he deeply realized that this kid in front of him was a complete lunatic!

He really intends to fight to the end with the Continental Hotel!

Seeing Lin Fan’s strong punches, Li Yutang realized that at this time, he could only bite the bullet, and immediately someone blasted out angrily.

A fierce collision with it!

With a muffled sound, Li Yutang’s whole body flew out in an instant, and slammed heavily on the ground, completely weakened.

And his arm, twisted at a tragic angle, was unexpectedly interrupted.

Defeated a great master in one punch?

How is this possible!

No matter how strong Lin Fan is, he wouldn’t be exaggerated to such a degree, right?

Seeing that Li Yutang didn’t even have the slightest room to resist, he was already blown away by Lin Fan, and Wu Zhizhong and others were dumbfounded!

Not only them!

Even Li Yutang was shocked and unbelievable.

Is he dreaming?

Today’s terrifying strength, he has only seen He Lanxuan’s body.

And only He Lanxuan’s existence can defeat him so easily.

Is this guy also superb?

This is impossible!

There is no such young superstar in the world. This is absolutely impossible!

When he saw the defeat of Li Yutang, Wu Zhizhong suddenly numbed his scalp.

Because he knew that if Lin Fan couldn’t even leave Yutang, then he would only have a dead end.

“Lin Fan, what do you want to do? I am He Lanxuan’s most respected junior. If you kill me, my uncle will never let you go.”

“Do you really want to cause misfortune for your whole family because of your own selfish desires?”

“Why don’t you sit down and talk about it, and turn the fighting into jade?”

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