Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1797

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Chapter 1797

Xu Dexiang called to his feet and exclaimed angrily.

“Fart! Our mother is not thin to us on weekdays, and her old man has not died. How can you say such unfeeling words?”

Wang Yanli knows her reason is wrong, and screams to defend herself. Tao.

“I don’t mean anything else, I just want to prepare earlier, so as not to panic later.”

At this time, Wang Youcai looked at Baishan with a smirk: “Baishan, isn’t your Xin Bai’s cooperating with Yao Lao? Why don’t you let your waste go to Yao Lao? People Yao Lao is a famous genius doctor, surely the medicine will cure the disease?”

Deliberately cheating!

Wang Yanli immediately added her enthusiasm and said: “Yes, except for Yao Lao in Hua Xia, it is estimated that no one can save her mother-in-law. Just let your family’s waste run around and ask Yao Lao to come for treatment, too. Let him help our family.”

Lin Fan can invite Yao Lao, and even if the old lady is cured, it will not change Lin Fan’s image as a “waste”.

If Lin Fan doesn’t invite Yao Lao, then they can “beat the dog in the water” and take the opportunity to embarrass this nasty fellow Lin Fan.

Wang Yanli couldn’t see her true intentions, so she immediately refused.

Bai Yi’s face flushed with anger when she heard them belittle her man in this way.

Ask someone for help, is that attitude?

But here she suffered from inconvenience, so she had to gently hold Lin Fan’s hand, and gave Lin Fan comfort with her eyes.

Lin Fan blinked and smiled at his woman, saying that he didn’t care about their derogation.

However, Wang Youcai sneered and reluctantly said: “Lin Fan, why are you not talking? Isn’t your family very good? Why, Yao Lao is willing to give this little face? Speaking of which, your Xinbai clan is not so good!”

Everyone in the room looked at Lin Fan.

Xu Dexiang said: “Xiao Fan, if Yao Lao is there, if you can speak, please take a trip and ask Yao Lao to come over to see the old lady. Our whole family will be grateful to you. “

Before the last minute, Xu Dexiang will not give up rescuing his mother.
But Lin Fan took a step forward and replied loudly: “Actually, you don’t need to ask Yao Lao to come over.”

“You don’t need to ask Yao Lao to come over? Then who will save the old lady, rely on you as a waste”

Wang Youcai immediately sneered.

There was a burst of untimely laughter in the bedroom.

Everyone present looked at Lin Fan contemptuously.

Wang Yanli also cast a disgusting look at Lin Fan: “If he really has that ability, does he need to eat soft rice?”

“You are very happy, aren’t you?” Xu Dexiang angrily accused, “Looking at the dying breath of the elderly, everyone is not sad, but they are very happy, right?!”

The bedroom suddenly fell into embarrassing silence.

Wang Yanli said, “Dexiang, don’t be angry. Mother-in-law and her old man is critically ill. Of course, we are very sad. It’s just that we are not willing to invite the old man after seeing the waste. Help.”

Xu Dexiang glanced at her dissatisfied and asked Lin Fan again.

“Lin Fan, you said you don’t need to ask Yao Lao to come over, do you have other ways to save the old lady?”

Lin Fan then said, “I have a way to save the old lady lives!”


Everyone suddenly lit up and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

Is this guy serious?

Then everyone saw that Lin Fan took out a medicine bottle, poured out a black pill, and said:

“Here is a soul-recovering pill. If you serve the old lady, you can live for another five years!”

Live for another five years?
Everyone’s eyes are about to come out!

Isn’t that like an elixir?

What kind of medicine is so magical?

Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan with an expression of seeing a ghost, and their eyes were full of shock.

Wang Youcai sneered again: “Don’t let him talk about it, just this small, black bottle, what kind of magical medicine will it be, a lie!”

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