Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1800

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Chapter 1800

“In half an hour, at most half an hour, grandma can wake up and get out of bed tomorrow.” Lin Fan is confident. Replied.

Xu Dexiang asked dubiously: “Is it so magical?”

“Dad, don’t worry!” Xu Yourong smiled and whispered:

“Lin Fan said that a pill of resurrection is worth 100 million yuan, and it will definitely save grandma.”

“So expensive!” Xu Dexiang said in surprise.

Lin Fan smiled: “Uncle, this price is just my estimate. If you really want to sell it, someone will buy it at several or even dozens of times the price.”

If you take a pill of Resurrection Pill, you can prolong your life by at least five years, and those billionaires who are seriously ill will definitely be willing to buy it at a big price.

A slightly relaxed smile appeared on Xu Dexiang’s face, as he spoke in a deliberate tone.

“Lin Fan, the resurrection pill is really so good, you can prepare one more for your grandma, are you optimistic about it?”

His words were a bit speechless.

Lin Fan secretly smiled bitterly, his uncle is really a filial son, and the Pill of Resurrection can play a role only once.

The effect of taking Huanhun Pill is to mobilize and stimulate the potential positive factors in the patient’s body, so that people can get rid of the disease and regain a healthy body, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging life.

But the potential positive factors in a person are limited, and it is impossible to replicate them indefinitely, and eventually they will age and die.

Lin Fan explained: “Uncle, although the resurrection pill is good, it is useless to take more. It is impossible for a person’s life span to be prolonged many times.”

Xu Yourong persuaded:

“Dad, you really are. If grandma can live for another five years, wouldn’t that be a great thing?”

“Yes, yes,” Xu Dexiang smiled a little Head, “Your grandma really wants to live another five years, I’m very happy! Too many, I dare not expect it!”

In the living room, Wang Youcai was complaining indignantly.

“Dexiang is true, too. How come he believes in Lin Fan’s trash?! If he really has the ability, wouldn’t he make a lot of money soon?”
Wang Yanli said to Wang Youcai dissatisfied.

“That’s right, that waste is to use Texiang to care about the old lady, and use him! As long as Lin Fan’s waste can make her mother-in-law and her elders come back to life, he will open an outpatient clinic soon. Have you become a famous doctor at home and abroad?” Wang Zhijun on the side of broke into a cold sweat, because he knew that fellow Lin Fan was really a famous doctor at home and abroad.

Wang Yanli curled her lips and sighed.

“Oh, I can’t do anything with old ginger. He guessed that he saw his mother-in-law not long ago, and went to the doctor in a hurry, using Lin Fan’s waste as a living bodhisattva.” /At this time, Wang Youcai thought of something and reminded Wang Yanli from the side.

“Beautiful, isn’t Huo Dongying, who is pursuing tolerance, has a good way, why don’t you call him and ask him to help her find a famous doctor to see her grandma’s illness?”

Wang Yanli slapped her thigh: “Don’t remind me, I forgot Huo Dongying. He must be able to find a famous doctor to help her grandma and rub the waste, I will call him now.”
Wang Yanli dialed Huo Dongying’s phone.

Huo Dongying asked enthusiastically on the other end of the phone.

“Auntie, you call me, what’s the matter?”

“Dongying!” Wang Yanli said, “Yourong grandma is seriously ill now, you have a wide network of contacts. , You can help find a few famous doctors to come over to see the disease. “

Where can Huo Dongying find so many famous doctors?

There are only a few well-known doctors in China with their first names, and none of them can speak for themselves.

But, didn’t Xu Yourong follow that horrible doctor Lin?
Using that person’s sky-reaching method, saving a person is not a matter of minutes, do you still need her help?

Could it be said that Xu Yourong changed her mind?

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