Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1801

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Chapter 1801

After all, does he think he is the best?

Huo Dongying suddenly became a little bit happy!

How could he refuse Wang Yanli’s request? He also counted on Wang Yanli to give her a few words and strive to let Xu Yourong marry him as soon as possible.

Huo Dongying falsely promised: “Okay, Auntie, I will call a few famous doctors to see if they have time to help Granny Jiang see a doctor.”

He didn’t tell the truth. If Wang Yanli called to urge him again, she could completely shirk that the famous doctors who had contacted would not have time to visit.

Wang Yanli said happily, “Okay, Dongying, then I’ll wait for your good news.” After finishing

, she hung up the phone, full of confidence. Waiting for Huo Dongying’s call back.

Wang Youcai felt that Lin Fan’s trash had the upper hand, and he was very upset, so he encouraged everyone to say.

“Didn’t Lin Fan keep saying that as long as grandma takes his broken pill, he can be brought back to life, do we want to go over and take a look?”

“Let’s go, we have to go and see Look. If that kid can’t cure the old lady, we immediately call the police and let him sit in the prison!”

“Look at him and dare not scream in front of us in the future!”
Everyone walked into the old lady’s ward again.

Seeing the old lady Jiang still lying on her back on the bed, there was no change at all.
Seeing this, Wang Youcai suddenly sneered: “Dexiang, don’t you believe that Lin Fan’s pills work? How come the mother-in-law and her elderly are still unconscious?”

Wang Yanli also complained: “Dexiang, you have been tricked by Lin Fan again. He is a liar. What kind of medical skills are there from eating soft food.” Xu Yourong exclaimed to Wang Yanli in annoyance.

“Mom, when is this, can you shut up and stop talking?”

Xu Dexiang defended: “This resurrection pill has just been taken, how it could happen all of a sudden? Does it work? It takes some time…”

Wang Youcai interrupted Xu Dexiang’s words and sneered:

“You really treat Lin Fan as a bowl of food? What kind of good medicine can the bottle contain, what is the name of the resurrection pill, you know it is fake by hearing the name.”

Xu Yourong said angrily: “Uncle, if you don’t know what’s going on, don’t talk nonsense here! Lin Whatever said, as long as you take the Pill of Resurrection, your grandmother’s illness will get better, and you can get out of bed tomorrow.”

Wang Youcai sneered and said, “Xu Yourong, are your brains burnt? Grandma’s illness is so serious that she will wake up soon, and she can get out of bed and walk tomorrow. How is this possible?”

Lin Fan shrugged and smiled.

“Even if you think it’s impossible, it’s a pity that it’s not you who have the final say. Grandma will wake up soon and will definitely be able to get out of bed and walk tomorrow.” Wang Youcai scolded.

“Can you be quiet? My mother is still seriously ill. Since Lin Fan said that he can cure your grandma’s disease, there is great hope!”

Seeing Xu Dexiang defending Lin Fan many times, Wang Youcai shouted outrageously.

“Lin Fan’s waste can really cure grandma’s disease. I immediately knelt down for him and knocked his head three times!”

Lin Fan asked with a playful smile: “What do you say counts?”

“Of course,” Wang Youcai patted his chest, he saw that Lin Fan didn’t have that great ability.

An old man who is dying of illness with the waste of eating soft rice?

What’s the joke?

“The big man said a word, it’s hard to chase the horse. I’m afraid that you can’t cure the old lady’s disease, and you may also cause the old lady to die soon. What are you going to do?”
Lin Fan nodded and said: “If I can’t cure my grandma’s disease, I will get out of the Bai’s house immediately, and I won’t step into the Bai’s house for half a step from now on.”

Before he finished his words, he said to the side. Wang Yanli immediately grabbed the conversation.

“Lin Fan, this is what you said by yourself. If your grandma’s disease cannot be cured, you should get out of Bai’s house immediately and stop pestering Bai Yi!”

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