Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1802

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Chapter 1802

“Okay, I promise you,” Lin Fan nodded, “If Grandma’s disease can’t be cured, I won’t bother with Bai Yi anymore. She can marry at will.”

With tears in Bai Yi’s eyes, she nervously took Lin Fan’s hand and choked.

“Don’t, Lin Fan, don’t do this…”

Lin Fan patted the woman’s hand gently, and said soothingly.

“My okay wife, I know in my heart that grandma will wake up soon.”

Wang Yanli rolled her eyes aside and sneered.

“Let him go crazy for a while, it won’t take long before he will get out!”

Wang Youcai glanced at the old lady on the bed who still had her eyes closed, and sneered.

“Lin Fan, you just wait to get out of Jiang’s house!”

Wang Yanli said to the Xu family with added enthusiasm, “Wait later, if he is shameless, you will take him Throw it out!”

“No problem, auntie!” Several young people patted their chests and promised:

“We are definitely ahead of such waste.”

Xu Dexiang on the side really couldn’t stand it, and scolded Wang Yanli.

“Lin Fan said that after taking the pill, it will take half an hour to see the effect. Do you want my mother to let go?!”

Wang Yanli quickly explained “No, Dexiang. Of course, we hope that our mother-in-law will get better, but Lin Fan has nothing to do with this waste.”

Xu Yourong shouted angrily at Wang Yanli.

“Mom, since Lin Fan said that the effect will be seen in half an hour, it must be possible. Why do you still look down on him like this?”

Lin Fan picked up the phone and laughed Look at the time.

“It won’t take half an hour. Twenty minutes have passed. I just need to wait a few minutes.”

“Hahaha, Lin Fan,” Wang Youcai said arrogantly. ,

“You are so cheeky! It doesn’t matter, I think how long you can last. It’s still a minute, I think grandma won’t wake up in another hour.”

Xu Dexiang, who was staring at the old lady’s face, suddenly shouted.

“Don’t make noise, don’t make noise, look, my mother’s eyelids just jumped twice.”

Wang Yanli shook her head and sighed.
“Dexiang, I know that you are a filial son of your mother-in-law, but it is impossible for her old mother to wake up.”

“Yes, Dexiang!” Wang Yanli said:
“We all hope that the old lady will get better, but it is always due to old age and physical decline. It is impossible to get better.”

Before she finished her words, she could only hear the throat of the old lady on the bed. There was a sound.


Everyone couldn’t believe their ears, thinking they had heard it wrong.

Then, the old lady let out a long moan.


Everyone’s eyes widened, staring at the old lady on the bed in surprise.

“I saw the old lady opening her eyes, blinking her eyes, looking at her son Xu Dexiang nearby, and then at the crowd around the bed.”

“Dexiang,” the old lady said, “What are you doing by my bed?”

Xu Dexiang was overjoyed and said again and again.

“Mom, you are awake, you are really awake! Great, really great!”

Wang Yanli stammered as if she had seen a ghost. Said:

“This, how is this possible? Are you always unconscious? Why, why did you wake up?”

At this time, Wang Youcai’s face was green!

Seeing the old lady wake up, he was going to knock Lin Fan’s head.

Xu Dexiang stood up and slapped Wang Yanli’s face with a slap in the face.

“Bitch, isn’t it a great thing for my mother to wake up? You mean, still want my mother to stay in a coma?!”

Wang Yanli covered her face and couldn’t speak.

Just stared at the old lady on the hospital bed blankly, only to feel trembling all over.

Wang Youcai hurriedly walked over to protect his sister, while complaining:

“Dexiang, Yan Li is also your wife anyway, how can you beat her as a husband?”

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