Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1803

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Chapter 1803

“Hit her? She almost killed my mother. I didn’t kill her even if I was kind.”
Xu Dexiang said angrily, if he had just listened to Wang Yanli and others’ instigation, then the old lady would be really helpless.

The old lady was struggling to get up, Xu Dexiang hurriedly went to help her.

Xu Yourong also hurriedly put a pillow behind her grandmother and asked the old lady to lean on it.

“Am I sick?” The old lady said a little confused, “You are worried about me, are you here to guard me?”

Xu Yourong said happily “Grandma, you’re all right now. Lin Fan gave you a pill. You can live a long and healthy life!”

“Oh upset?”

Old lady Look at the door-to-door son-in-law Lin Fan, who has always been regarded as “trash” by relatives and friends, and asks skeptically.

“Yourong, did you mean that Lin Fan rescued me?”

Xu Dexiang said excitedly:

“Yes, Mom, it was Lin Fan who saved your old man! The pill in his hand is invaluable. He took it for you without blinking. He is the great benefactor of our family!”


Just listen to this!

Wang Yanli curled her lips and said unhappily: “From my point of view, my mother didn’t have a big problem. The pill Lin Fan gave me took advantage of it.”

Wang Youcai suddenly came to his energy, and quickly said, “Isn’t it? Dexiang, Yanli is right. My grandma and her old man could live a long life, but it was just a little bit small. I’m in a coma, so my betting agreement just now is invalidated…”

Lin Fan sneered at their brothers and sisters: “What, are you planning to go back?”

Xu Yourong was angry with Wang Youcai. Said: “Uncle, the big man has said nothing, but the horse is hard to chase. Isn’t that what you just said? Now my grandma is awake, are you going to cheat?”

Wang Yanli persuaded at this time: “You Rong, he just talked about playing, why you are taking it seriously? He is your uncle…”

Xu Yourong argued: “It’s true that he is my uncle, but he did everything to stop him just now. The sinner we saved! Mom, this is what you are wrong. Just when they ran against Lin Fan, you didn’t help to speak. Now it’s his turn to knock Lin Fan’s head, you still only help them!”
The old lady on the bed asked blankly.

“Knock your head, what’s your head knock?”

Xu Dexiang explained: “Just like this, Lin Fan said that he could use that pill to save you. They didn’t believe it and said Lin Fanzhen If he can save you, he will knock Lin Fan three times.”

The old lady looked at Sister Wang Yanli and asked.

“Is there such a thing?”
Wang Yanli saw that the denial could not be passed, so she nodded bitterly.

“Mom, there is such a thing, but, but this is what my elder brother said for fun, can’t you take it seriously?”

Who knows that the old lady ignored her, and It was to Wang Youcai.

“Wang Youcai, anyway, my old lady really woke up, you can thank Lin Fan for me, just give him three beeps.”

Wang Youcai is grinning. Mouth, smiled bitterly: “Old lady, I didn’t kowtow to your old man. Did I really kowtow to this rubbish? Isn’t it appropriate?”

“Knocking! Isn’t it just three heads?”

” “” The old lady said impatiently:

“If you don’t knock, don’t come to our house in the future! Don’t forget how much benefit our Xu family has given you over the years!”
Xu Yourong urged on the side: “Quickly knock, uncle, grandma and her elders have spoken, do you want grandma to knock these three beeps?”

Wang Youcai gave Xu Yourong a fierce look. , And then helplessly lay down on Lin Fan, and knocked three heads as if to deal with official business.

It’s just that!

He knocked his head just to pretend, and his scalp just touched the floor.

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