Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1807

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Chapter 1807

Xu Yourong suddenly broke into a cold sweat and quickly explained what happened to Bai Yi.

Not long after, Lin Fan walked out of the building and walked towards Huo Dongying.

Following Lin Fan was Xu Yourong, who looked panicked.

Xu Yourong persuaded as he walked: “Lin Fan, don’t be impulsive. I can’t contact him anymore. Don’t be impulsive!”

Yesterday. Although Xu Yourong did not see the final outcome of the night, she had already learned from the rumors that Li Yinsheng, who had almost ruined her, had already disappeared from the world.

Don’t think too much, Xu Yourong probably guessed that Lin Fan did it.

She is not worrying about Lin Fan’s life, she is worrying about Huo Dongying.

Lin Fan walked up to Huo Dongying and stood still with a cold face.

“Huo Dongying, I’m down, let’s talk about it, how do you talk? I will stay with you to the end how you want to play.”

A joke, he will be here. Huo Dongying has the slightest timidity in front of such a dude? !

Huo Dongying was completely paralyzed when he saw Lin Fan.

Isn’t this special doctor Lin?
Is it he who was talking to me just now?

Grandma, did he break up with Xu Yourong? Then why did Wang Yanli call him and deliberately pit him?

“You, didn’t you break up with Xu Yourong?”

Huo Dongying asked extremely uneasy, at this time she was almost scared to pee.

“Does it need you to control?”

Lin Fan sneered.

“You… don’t go too far, I know you have a wife, so you dare to be foolish outside, and you have to be shameless, do you believe me to tell your wife?”
Huo Dongying took two steps back extremely nervously.

“Brilliant! If you have the abilities, just do it with me, don’t play with those tricks!”

Lin Fan smirked, seemingly intentional teasing this idiot.

And Xu Yourong, who heard this, rolled her eyes madly, don’t play tricks? You are always a great master, bullying an ordinary person, you are the one who has the most intestines?

Wang Yanli took a look at Xu Yourong, and immediately straightened her waist, pretending to be tough:

“Yes, but you have the ability, you don’t want to retaliate against me afterwards!”
Lin Fan nodded:

“No problem, the person who loses today will leave Xu Yourong and never harass her!”

“Lin Fan, I really can’t see still a bit spine. Today, do you want to pretend to be a man in front of Xu Yourong? It’s okay, I promise you!” Huo Dongying sneered, as long as Lin Fan doesn’t retaliate against him, everything is okay. .

“Haha, Huo Dongying, can a passionate youth like me still need to dress?” Lin Fan replied, “If I am not a man, let alone a dude like you, let alone a man.”
“Damn, my young master would like to see how much blood you have on this trash!” Huo Dongying cursed with gritted teeth.

Xu Yourong hurriedly stood in front of Lin Fan, and said helplessly:

“Huo Dongying, Lin Fan has a bad temper these days, you should go back first, don’t ask for trouble.”

Her original intent was to persuade Huo Dongying to calm down and not really do anything with Lin Fan.

But what she didn’t expect was that it was okay if she didn’t persuade her. Her persuasion made Huo Dongying even more jealous, and she almost exploded on the spot.

How many methods and money Huo Dongying used, only gradually approached Xu Yourong.

Seeing that he was about to succeed and embrace the beauty, he didn’t want Xu Yourong to act as a shield for Lin Fan in front of him.

Huo Dongying fingered Lin Fan and cursed: “Lin Fan, you are a trash, what kind of man are you letting a woman stand in front?”

Asking for trouble?

Lin Fan also has some medical skills, and he may not be his opponent when it comes to fighting.

After all, he is a black belt in karate!

Lin Fan dragged Xu Yourong aside with his hands, smiling and persuading.

“It’s okay, tolerant. This is a matter between us men. Don’t mix up here as a woman.”

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