Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1812

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Chapter 1812

Wang Yanli gritted her teeth and said:

“Forget it, I’ll talk about it later! Anyway, to deal with a little white face like Lin Fan who eats soft rice, it’s not a matter of minutes, don’t worry!”


At night, Lin Fan dialed a mysterious number in his room.

In the dark space, his eyes flashed sharply like flames.

A respectful voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Wang, what is your order?”

Lin Fan asked, “What is going on with what I asked you to plan?”

“We just figured out all the Lin family’s situation, whether to do it, in what way, and we have to ask Wang Dingduo.”

The blood prison mad god replied on the phone.

“Tell me, how much cost will it cost to destroy the Lin family.”

Lin Fan asked.

The other party immediately introduced Lin Fan on the phone.

The Lin family’s assets have exceeded trillions, and it has multiple subsidiaries, involved in real estate, manufacturing, entertainment, and catering industries. The development has been extremely strong in recent years. Even if its vitality has been severely injured before, it wants to make a righteous move. It’s not easy for them.

“Hehe, it is indeed China’s most prestigious business empire!”

Lin Fan smiled,

“It seems that things are getting more and more interesting. Now!”

The bloody mad god on the other side of the phone said coldly:

“King, you are the king of the underground world who rules thousands of demons. No one can provoke you. Just one command from you, your subordinates will definitely rack their brains to make them disappear from this world!”

A wicked smile hung on the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth.

“Then, let’s start!”

The next day, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were awakened by a fierce quarrel.

When they walked out of the room, they saw Wang Yanli scolding loudly in the hotel living room.

“Baishan, I tell you, even if you happen to save the old lady’s life, you shouldn’t be arrogant in our Xu family! We don’t eat yours, sweep the stars! It hurts my family! I missed a golden turtle son-in-law, I remember you for a lifetime!”

Then came the peaceful and peaceful defense of Baishan:
“Cousin, I am grandmother’s nephew. It is something my younger generation should do to save her. What’s so arrogant about this?”

“Still pretending to be garlic? You indulge that trash in your family how good is it that broke us, and yesterday asked him to instigate Yourong to act as a shield for him, hurting Shaoye Huo’s friends!”

“That kid Huo Dongying gathered four people to attack me, could it be me? Will you be happy to be honestly injured by them, or even killed by them? Besides, I didn’t let Yourong act as a shield.”

Lin Fan walked downstairs with a sneer. Looking at each other coldly.

“Trash, you can be regarded as coming down. If you do bad things once, let me do good things. If you want to do bad things for me the second time, I think you want our family to be able to marry you! I will kill you. Waste!”

Wang Yanli yelled that she would step forward to teach Lin Fan.

Immediately afterwards, there was a crisp sound.

Wang Yanli’s face was slapped heavily by Lin Fan.

“You…you trash, how dare you hit me?”

Wang Yanli was dumbfounded, she looked like she couldn’t believe it. Why did he hit her with this trash? She is an elder!

And the Bai family clearly owes their family’s life-saving grace!

Xu Yourong’s heart is tense, angry at her mother’s wicked behavior, and hurriedly got up to get dressed.

In the living room, Xu Dexiang said angrily.

“Gorgeous, what are you doing?! Lin Fan saved her mother’s life. Don’t be grateful. Why come to make trouble early in the morning, verbally abuse him and beat him, you are too shameless”

Wang Yanli said with one hand on her hips and Xu Dexiang’s nose with the other.
“Shut up, you are not dead! I hit him and he asked for it. Whoever let him be trash, even if trash is bad for our good deeds, I will beat him if I want to beat him. If you dare No matter how noisy, I will fight with you!”

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