Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1816

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Chapter 1816

After speaking, he glanced at Xu Yourong, who was close at hand, and swallowed secretly.

Sooner or later this stunner in this world will lie on my big bed with Huo Dongying, waiting for me to ravage, hahaha.

Xu Yourong broke free from mother Wang Yanli’s pulling, and spit bitterly on Huo Dongying’s face.

“Bah, Huo Dongying, you despicable villain, you never want to get me!”

Wang Yanli rushed over again, dragging Xu Yourong and yelled:

“Xu Dexiang, you are so innocent. Come here and drag the dead girl back. Is this going to kill us together?”

Lin Fan turned his head and smiled at Bai Yi:

“Don’t worry, I will be back soon. You are waiting for me at home.”

Huo Dongying wiped the saliva from his face with a tissue, pushed Lin Fan hard, and cursed:

“You rubbish, let him go! Police officer, quickly take him away.”

The two law enforcement officers were sent to assist in the investigation. They stepped forward and racked them up. Holding Lin Fan’s arm, he walked outside with him.

With a “bang” the door of the room was closed by Wang Yanli forcefully.

Came out!

Lin Fan sneered at Huo Dongying on the side:

“Now I’ll give you a chance to go to the Hospital Authority and law enforcement officers. If I understand, it means you made a mistake.”

The captain gave Lin Fan a big push, then sneered and sneered.

“What are you, dare to threaten Huo Dashao, I think you don’t want to live anymore.”

Huo Dongying also looked at Lin Fan contemptuously:

“When you die, you still have a stubborn mouth. When I clean up you, I will not only accept Xu Yourong, but also your wife!”

“When the sisters will wait on me together, it is really happy. Gods, hahaha!”

After hearing this, the captain immediately smiled and said: “Yes, if they can marry young and old, that is the blessing of their previous life.”
The law enforcement officers and the staff of the Hospital Authority pushed Lin Fan onto the law enforcement vehicle and took him to the Hospital Authority for investigation.

Upstairs, Wang Yanli stood in front of the window, looking at Lin Fan being taken away with enthusiasm, and then said with a smile:

“Hahahaha, Dexiang, now it’s okay. Lin Fan’s trash offends Master Huo. Not to mention it, but also offends the Lin Family in the imperial capital. Don’t even think of Lin Fan’s trash coming out!”

Xu Dexiang questioned angrily: “Wang Yanli, what is your peace, Lin Fan is our lifesaver, how do you treat your enemy like an enemy, watching him be taken away and still gloating there!”

“You, are you still human?” Speaking of Lin Fan is still Wang Yanli’s relative, how could she be so cruel.

Xu Yourong couldn’t listen anymore, crying and accusing him:

“Mom, how can you be so cruel? How can I face Bai Yi’s family like you? “


The Baiyi family is still here!

But Wang Yanli gloated and wanted to put Lin Fan to death. What is the difference between this behavior and beasts?

“I don’t care about my old lady!”

Wang Yanli turned her head, finger Xu Yourong scolded:

“My old lady just sees him not pleasing to your eyes, so quickly marry Huo. Master, let me and your dad have more blessings! Maybe when my old lady is happy, she pleads with Huo Dongying and let go of the waste!”


Sitting in law enforcement in the car, Lin Fan smiled to the two law enforcement officers beside him and said:

“I want to make a call!”


Huo Dongying directly refused this request. Before coming here, he had listened to the Lin family’s instructions and would not let Lin Fan call anyway.

Otherwise, something big will happen!


Lin Fan sneered at Huo Dongying’s refusal:
“I’m not asking for your opinion!” After finishing

, he took out his cell phone, ready to make a call.

“Stop! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

The law enforcement captain suddenly roared, raising his pistol at Lin Fan, his eyes full of murderous intent.


And his action completely angered Lin Fan, making Lin Fan sneer:

“The last person who pointed a gun at me ended up miserably!”

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