Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1827

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Chapter 1827

Facing the joint crusade by the Lin family and the two armies, the whole China can contend with no more than one slap.

But Zhang Jianjun still chose to stand on Lin Fan’s side. Is this crazy?

Zhang Jianjun raised his right index finger and shook it.

“Lin Zhanli, you don’t need to be so excited. I think the Lin family should review your own behavior instead of blaming others.”

“Mr. has done such an excessive thing. If I were you, I would try my best to beg for his forgiveness, instead of asking myself for being boring!”

Lin Zhanji said indignantly:

“How much loss was caused to our family by that wild species, you even let us beg for his forgiveness? Are you crazy? This is absolutely impossible! And I There is nothing wrong with the Lin family either!”

Stubbornly stubborn!

Then, Zhang Jianjun waved his hand and said impatiently:

“Then there is nothing to say. I will officially inform you now. From now on, your Lin family and I Zhang Jianjun didn’t have the slightest contact.”

“You can die, don’t pull me!”

“You! You are so bold!”

Lin Zhan Fei could hardly believe what he heard, and gritted his teeth and roared:.

“Zhang Jianjun, you, if you have the ability to repeat what you just said, I did not hear clearly.”

“I tell you, you help Lin Fan and the two armies I’m the enemy, and I hope you can bear the consequences!”

” Hehe, threaten me? You are still a little tender!”

Zhang Jianjun picked up a paper on the desk, Flicked with my finger.

“This is a copy of the special order just forwarded from above. Let’s take a look, Mr. Lin Zhanli. From now on, Mr. Lin will be the CEO of Huaxia Pharmaceuticals, which means that the entire Huaxia Pharmaceuticals industry is now alone. Forget it.”

Lin Zhanji snatched the paper and examined it eagerly.

The official document clearly reads “Mr. Lin Fan will be appointed as the first executive officer of China Pharmaceuticals from now on”, and it is also stamped with the seal of the relevant institution.

“Why? Why is this!”

Lin Zhanjiang yelled red and red, unable to believe his eyes.

“That guy, he is obviously a trash, what qualifications does he have to be given such a position! You are mistaken, you must be mistaken! I don’t believe it!”

Zhang Jianjun With a sneer on his face, he looked at him like an idiot:

“Lin Zhanli, what you said is useless, your Lin family is at fault, it’s too ridiculous! You say you provoke someone Well, I just want to provoke a mysterious person who seems to be useless, Lin Fan. His horror is definitely not what you can imagine, and he is definitely not something you can afford!”

“You, how do you know him? Can’t get it?” Lin Zhanji asked hesitantly, looking at Zhang Jianjun in horror:

“Do you know what his identity background is?”

However, Zhang Jianjun sneered. :

“Some people don’t need any background. Because he is the biggest background.”

Lin Zhanji still couldn’t believe it, and asked:

“Zhang Jianjun, what the hell is going on? Tell me, why is that guy better than my Lin family, he will be just a waste next year, he is just a wasteful son-in-law!”

Zhang Jianjun looked at Lin Zhanli like a super sand sculpture.

“That’s just a superficial phenomenon that you see. Mr. Lin’s tentacles can extend to places that neither you nor I can see. Your Lin family has offended Lin Fan, and you are destined to have only two ways to get His forgiveness, or death!”

Zhang Jianjun shrugged and said with a smile:

“No way, I don’t want to bury you with the Lin family, so I can only choose Loyal to Mr. Lin!”

“That means you sold my Lin family for profit?!”

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