Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1829

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Chapter 1829

Li Xun After a few steps, she rushed to the balcony and stood in front of Master Yao Lao.

“Master, it’s okay, Lin Fan has an accident!”

Yao Lao sat up suddenly and asked anxiously: “You mean Lin Fan has an accident? What’s wrong with him? Car accident, or sick?!”

“No, no, neither.” Li Xunran shook her head repeatedly, grabbed the teacup on the side table, and took a few sips of tea.

Yao Lao said angrily: “What half of what your girl said makes me anxious to get angry. Come on, tell me what is going on?!”

Anxiously wanted to know what happened to Lin Fan, so that he could decide what way to help Lin Fan, the genius doctor he valued.

Li Xunran hurriedly pulled a chair, sat upside down on the chair, holding the backrest with both hands, and looked at Master with a smile.

“Master, in your mind, my apprentice is not as important as the so-called genius doctor Lin. Isn’t that so?”

“Smelly girl, don’t take it Compare yourself with Lin Fan.”

Yao Lao reached out and poked Li Xunran’s forehead,

“Don’t say you are not qualified, even this bad old man like me. That qualification, go to compare with Lin Fan, where the Chinese medicine hopes are.”

“Cut, what’s so great? Isn’t it just getting a silver needle?” Li Xunran rolled his eyes in disdain. Say.

Yao Lao slapped Li Xunran’s hand anxiously.

“Oh, you kid, hurry up and talk about what’s wrong with Lin Fan?”

Li Xunran replied: “Your Lin Fan was complained and was arrested by law enforcement officers for questioning. La.”

Someone dared to catch Lin Fan, Yao Lao stood up and came back on the balcony angrily to walk around.

“The law enforcement team arrested people. Needless to say, it must have been done by the Lin family.” Old Yao said angrily,

“Lin Fan is my leader in Chinese medicine, it’s me. The hope for the revitalization of Chinese medicine! Even other disciplines should respect him. On the contrary, he was conspired and complained. The Lin family wanted to destroy my Chinese hope!”

“Shameful, shameful, this is a shame in the medical profession! The medical skills are so superb, and the morals are equally noble, Lin Fan was conspired by others, this is the shame of the Chinese medical community!”

“We definitely don’t forget it!” Ran reached out his hand to grab Master Yao Lao, and helped him to sit down on the sofa.

“Oh, Master, you can sit down safely, you walk back and forth, my eyes will be dizzy.”

Yao Lao is still restless. Said:

“No, I must unite with famous people in the industry to appeal to the boss and let them release Lin Fan. If they do not agree, we will meet the lord again!”
Li Xunran smirked and blinked.

“Master, you go to see the lord of the country, if the lord does not give you these old men and old ladies face?”

“Impossible! The lord understands righteousness, how can it be possible?”

“Just as short-sighted as the Lin family, I must save Mr. Lin Fan out anyway!”

Yao Lao said emotionally,

“Even if it takes my life, I don’t hesitate, too.”
“Chuck.” Li Xunran couldn’t help laughing and said:

“Master, don’t get excited, Lin Fan is fine!”
Then, Li Xunran explained how Huo Dongying reported Lin Fan, and then Lin Fan was quickly released by the law enforcement team, telling the whole story again.

Yao Lao just relaxed, but he patted the armrest of the sofa hard and cursed.

“What kind of thing is Huo Dongying? I think he is the Huo Family Shao’s boss, and if he has the Lin family backing him, he dare to do anything wrong? I dare to frame Lin Fan! I think he is looking for death!” Li Xunran also cursed:

“Isn’t it? That Huo Yingdong is not a thing. He doesn’t have the ability to catch the woman he wants, so he hates Lin Fan and takes revenge on Lin Fan.”
Yao Lao coldly snorted:

“You pass my order and do everything you can to clean up the Huo family. The chairman of the Washington Pharmaceuticals, I can’t bully people in vain. ! The Huo family has committed a sin, and will raise such a junk boy. He must be severely punished!”

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