Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1837

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Chapter 1837

“Cut, don’t cover your wife.” Li Xunran said disdainfully, “If my man is if my relatives and friends despise and insult, I will cut them off immediately. According to my judgment, your daughter-in-law cannot protect you very well.”

Lin Fan nodded helplessly, the truth is like Li Xunran said.

In the Bai’s family, Xu Yourong is quite weak. She can protect herself, which is pretty good. How can she have the energy to protect his disused son-in-law?

But Lin Fan, the king of thousands of demons, is he a man who let his beloved woman protect him?

Lin Fan, Shen Yumei, Li Xunran looked up at the sky and said coldly.

“I don’t need Xu Yourong’s protection. I, Lin Fan, is her man. Even if the arrow passes through my heart, I will stand in front of her.”

Li Xunran rolled her eyes, Reached out to open the door of the luxurious Big Ben.

“Don’t talk nonsense, your task today is to accompany me to go shopping and get in the car.”
“I still have to think about it.” Lin Fan said slowly, pretending to be forced.

In the next second, he regretted it.

Li Xunran reached out and grabbed his ears, then turned around and dragged him into the car.

“Oh, oh, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” Lin Fan whispered, grinning in pain.

Li Xunran didn’t give Lin Fan a chance to continue to delay, so she stuffed her upper body into the car, then raised her leg and kicked him into the car.

“Miss Ben, let go of her dignity, and invite you to go shopping with me, but you are mother-in-law and mother-in-law, stay honest!” Li Xunran said.

closed the door with a “bang”, Li Xunran walked to the driving position, started the vehicle, and drove towards the bustling neighborhood.

Sitting on the rear seat, Lin Fan rubbed his torn ear and grinned.

“Miss, where are you inviting me to go shopping, obviously kidnapping!”

Li Xunran snickered and glanced at Lin Fan in the rearview mirror, showing her eyebrows one pick, say.

“Even if it’s kidnapping, what’s the matter? This girl has lined up suitors. As long as I squeak, those powerful children come to accompany me shopping, believe it or not?”
Lin Fan does not doubt this.

As the chairman of Huatian Pharmaceutical Group and the treasure of the old medical master, Li Xunran, Li Xunran wants to have a figure and a look.

Being able to work with Li Xunran, from any point of view, it is a profit.

“Ahem,” Lin Fan coughed dryly and touched his nose with his finger, “Miss, I have to remind you. Those so-called suitors of yours are all handsome, unmarried children with superior family background, and I am A married man, are you afraid of others making irresponsible remarks?”

Li Xunran coldly snorted: “This girl doesn’t care so much. Who I like to be with is my freedom. , I just ask you to accompany me to go shopping, and nothing else will happen, what can you worry about?”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Well, then I only have to be respectful, rather than follow my life.”

Li Xunran thought of Lin Fan’s family status and couldn’t help but shook her head and sighed.

“Hey, I said Lin Fan, you are so unwelcome in the Bai family, and the whole family treats you like a dog. How did you endure it?”
Lin Fan took a deep breath and said with a smile:

“When you really love someone, you are willing to give up something for him.”

Look with Lin Fan’s indifferent appearance, Li Xunran realized how important Bai Yi occupies in his heart.

What does she use to win against Bai Yi?

“She is in the blessing and knows no good, you will regret it sooner or later.”

Li Xunran tricked it. Said.

Lin Fan laughed dumbfounded:

“Do you want me to divorce so much?”

“Of course not, I will play fair with her.”
Li Xunran said firmly, she would never give up easily.

But at this time, Lin Fan received a call from Shen Yumei.

“Lin Fan, you will come home for me right away! I have something to ask you!”
Shen Yumei roared, and then hung up.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly, knowing that it was Wang Yanli and the others.

“What’s the matter?”

Li Xunran asked in confusion when she saw that Lin Fan’s expression was wrong.

Lin Fan stared at her with a bit of resentment:

“Not you yet? Now my mother-in-law has asked me to settle the account.”

This culprit turned out to be. Still have the face to ask him what’s wrong?

Li Xunran chuckled and said:

“Will I go to your house and clarify for you?”

“Don’t, Don’t!”

Lin Fan shook his head quickly. If Li Xunran was asked to go to his house, he would have jumped into the Yellow River.

“We will make an appointment again when I have time. I will go home first.”

Lin Fan waved his hand, and then ran away.

“Counsel! Wife slave!”

Li Xunran stomped angrily.

Not long after, Lin Fan returned home.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw the mean but sinister faces of Wang Yanli and others.

Even Shen Yumei at this time had an ugly face. Obviously, Wang Yanli had already added fuel to the fire before he returned.

When Lin Fan came back, they all sneered.

And Wang Yanli even roared like a fake tiger:
“Lin Fan, don’t you knelt down and admit your mistake?”


Lin Fan’s face sank, he cast a murderous look at Wang Yanli.

Wang Yanli immediately trembled all over, and she lowered her head and never dared to talk nonsense again.

This kid’s eyes were too scary, as if he was about to eat people.

“Lin Fan, what the hell is going on with that strange name Li Xunran? Are they true?”

Shen Yumei questioned Lin Fan, His complexion didn’t look pretty.

And now!

Bai Yi said to Shen Yumei:

“Mom, what are you talking about? Ms. Li is just our partner, so he will have contact with Lin Fan. It’s normal.”

In fact, she was also extremely disturbed by the relationship between Li Xunran and Lin Fan, but she didn’t want to lose Lin Fan, so she could only swallow her anger as nothing happened. .

She worries that once the truth is revealed, then Lin Fan will leave her forever and leave this home forever.

“Lin Fan, please explain to your mom!”

Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in a panic. At this time, no matter what Lin Fan said, she would believe it.

And Shen Yumei was also a little upset at this time. She was stunned by her anger, so now that she calmed down, she was a little scared.

What if Lin Fan really gets angry and leaves this home forever?

To know!

Isn’t it normal for a man with a little ability these days to have three wives and four concubines?
As long as Lin Fan still has this family in his heart, isn’t it enough if there is Bai Yi?

Is this too fussing?

But it’s too late to regret!

Lin Fan is already here!

And just now!

Lin Fan smiled slightly and strode forward and said:

“Li Xunran and I are innocent, just ordinary friends!”

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