Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1844

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Chapter 1844


Lin Zhanyu was taken aback, and then burst into laughter:

“What else is good for inspection? Wild animals are also wild. And you are about to die, so there’s no need to let this small wild species be born and suffer, right?”

“If I were you, I would know that I would beat him, so that he would not become Dad’s wild species!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Fan and the Bai Yi family’s expressions suddenly sank!

He was obviously irritated by Lin Zhanli’s words!

That’s his grandson, how could he say such a thing?

Pop!! !

Shen Yumei went up and gave Lin Zhanli a slap, yelling at Du Ao:

“What are you, why are you cursing my nephew like this?”
“He has dealt a severe blow to his son, and now he will not let go of his grandson. A person like you is not as good as a brute!”


Lin Zhanli suddenly became angry, and stared at Shen Yumei extremely viciously:

“You, you dare to hit me? You untouchable dare to hit me?”
“You are dead! I tell you, I will never let you leave the imperial capital alive! When I kill this wild species, you will be the next one!”

“Lin Fan, I Will take your child out of your wife’s belly and reunite your family in the underworld!”


At this moment, Lin Fan felt his brain roar!
An extremely crazy killing intent appeared in his heart, and he almost couldn’t hold back the killing intent in his heart, and killed Lin Zhanli on the spot!

Today’s Lin Fan is more than just her husband!

He is even more of a father!

But Lin Zhanli cursed his child in front of him?


Shen Yumei was also furious, if it hadn’t been for Baishan, she might have gone to fight Lin Zhanli.

Lin Fan’s face was gloomy, staring straight at Lin Zhanli:

“I will go with you!”


“Lin Fan, no!”

“Xiao Fan, you can’t listen to his nonsense!”

Bai Yi and others are anxious, they naturally It can also be seen that Lin Zhanyu was not at ease during this visit.

If Lin Fan goes with him, who knows what he will do to Lin Fan?

“It’s okay, I will go back!”

Lin Fan smiled and comforted. He knew that he couldn’t escape today’s catastrophe, so he wouldn’t go with Lin Zhanji. , Lin Zhanli would embarrass Baiyi and others.

“Go and return? Should I say that you are overconfident?”

Lin Zhanli sneered, does this idiot still know his situation?

Today’s Lin Family, but today is not what it used to be!

First of all, the economic problem has been resolved through the Global Bank, and Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan are now in the Lin family. It takes minutes to kill Lin Fan.
This idiot, thought he could come back?

What a laugh!

“Don’t talk nonsense, lead the way!”

Lin Fan said with a gloomy expression.

Seeing Lin Fan’s attitude, Lin Zhanli suddenly snorted with an unhappy expression:

“I hope you will be able to laugh when you arrive at Lin’s house in a while!”

And then!

Lin Fan followed Lin Zhanli to the Lin family!

But after arriving at Lin’s house, Lin Fan took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

See it!

Lin Zhanli just sneered!

“It’s too late to move the rescuers now?”

“It’s useless no matter who you call, because what you face today is the most terrifying Two armies!”

“Lin Fan, this is the end of the fight against our Lin family. Even if you regret it, it’s too late, hahaha!”

But Lin Fan is justified Meeting him, when the call was connected, he only said three words:

“Let’s start!”

It is the beginning and the end!

Today, the Lin family will know who Lin Fan is!

But Lin Zhanli only thought that Lin Fan was playing mystery.

His face is even more contemptuous. Does this kid think he can fool them with a few words?

That would be too small to look down upon them, right?

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